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Drums are now easy to buy from home online in Bangladesh. The use of various types of drums has been around for ages in our country. Drum is a percussion instrument. It is the oldest musical instrument. In spite of various development and modification, it has kept its basic structure same for centuries. Drum consists of at least one skin which is called drum head and a shell on which the skin is stretched. When the skin is hit with the player’s hand or a stick the drum makes desired sound. The skin can be adjusted. If the skin is stretched tightly the drum will make a high pitch sound and if the skin is loose it will make a low pitch sound. Drums can be played individually by a player using only one drum. They can be played in a set of two or more like Bongo or Congo. With a set of different pitched drums and cymbals the modern drum kit is made.



The oldest drums were found in China and they were dated 5500 BC. These drums were made with alligator skin. Which is the evidence that drums were there from the ancient time? The primitive people did not use it as a musical instrument. They used the drums for different purpose. The drums were used during various rituals such as worship or when someone died they used to play the drum as a ritual of funeral. People of that time also used the rhythm of drums as a sign of social dominance. At that time people used to have large drums that made loud sounds. So they used the drum as a medium of communication with people who were far away. In Sri Lanka, drums have been used as a medium of communication for a long time and the Sri Lankan drum has a history of over 2500 years old. Gradually the drums were used in the battle field by the military. Military used drums as a calling, meeting or attacking alert. The rhythm of drums has been around humans for a long time. In different ages drums played different roles until now they are mostly used as a musical instrument.


Types of Drums:

Though the function and basic structure is same of all drums, but there are some differences in application and use. Based on these differences some of the famous and well known drums that are available in Bangladesh are listed below.

Dhol: Dhol is the folk and a traditional instrument of Bangladesh. The person plays the ‘Dhol’ is called ‘Dhuli’. The dhol is made with a bamboo shell and cow skin is put on the drum. The ‘Dhol’ can be played from both sides. Each side has a different pitched skin. These types of drums are famous amongst the folk musicians. The village folk musicians are known as ‘Baul’

Tabla: Tabla is a classical instrument of Indian subcontinent. It is a pair of two small drums. One is called ‘Daya’ it is often played by the right hand and it does most of the taal. And the other one is ‘Baya’ it is played by the left hand and it gives the bass. The two drums are different in size and sound.

Bongo: Bongo is also a pair of drums. It is an Afro-Cuban drum set. It consists of two open ended drums. The drums are different in sound and pitch. The bongo is played with the hand.

Drum kit: Drum kits also known as drum set or acoustic drums is a set of some percussion that are kept in a stand and played by one player. The player is mostly known as the drummer. A drum set mainly consist of a snare drum, hi-hat, bass drum which is played with a pedal and one or more than one cymbals. Though it is the drummer’s preference which percussion will he use in his kit. But those are the basics. Drum kits are mainly played in rock, pop, blues, jazz, country music. A drummer has to master his mind in such a way that he can play with his two legs and two arms at the same time.

Electronic Drum Set: Electronic drum set is a new concept in our country. It is a simulator of an acoustic drum. Electric drums are played in a similar fashion with acoustic drums. These drums do not need a large space to fit and are not that much louder. These drums are best for practice.

Cajon Drums: Cajon drum is another popular instrument of our country. Though it is originally from Peru, but people around the world love it. Cajon is a box made of thin wood with a sound hole. It is played with slapping or tapping of the hand or with a brush. Most of the unplug gigs are using cajon these days.



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