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Buy Musical Instruments Online in Bangladesh:

Musical instrument is very popular in our country amongst the mass people. It is now easy to buy musical instruments online in Bangladesh. Any object that can make sound and used in music is known as a musical instrument. Musical instrument is with humans since the beginning of human history. Although, primitive humans did not use these instruments for musical purpose. They used these instruments for signals and rituals. They used trumpets for successful hunting signals and drums for religious ritual. By the development of culture, humans started the instruments for music and musical instruments were developed. Though the exact date of the very first musical instrument is not known. But the oldest musical instruments found by the historians are a simple flute made out of a femur of an animal is almost 67,000 years old. Many other old instruments was found. Most of them were made of animal skin, bone, wood or other nondurable materials. Many civilizations developed musical instruments individually and the playing method and theory was different as well. Even though there was some identical instruments developed individually by some different civilizations, but the process and theory was very different. The musical theory was not unified until the 17th century.


Some Popular Musical Instruments:

There are uncountable musical instruments in the world. Every culture has their own instruments and there are some common instruments that are used by almost every culture. Some of the famous and most commonly used musical instruments are,

Piano: piano is one of the most recognized and most played instruments around the world. It was invented in Italy around the 1700s. It is a stringed instrument. The strings are struck by a hammer and the hammers are operated by a keyboard. There are two types of key in a piano. The normal notes are in white colored key and sharp/ flat notes are in black colored key. Now there are two kinds of piano available, one is acoustic piano and the other one is an electric piano. The playing method is same for both and electric piano has an option of amplification.

Keyboard: Musical keyboard is identical to a piano. It has the same playing method, theory and structure as piano. But keyboard makes the sound by electric signal. There are various types of keyboards available out there. There is live keyboard, live keyboards are played in live gigs and recordings. They have a sound bank and a speaker on it. From the sound bank you can choose any sound you like. Then there is a MIDI keyboard. MIDI keyboards act as a midi input. They do not have any power bank. You have to connect the keyboard with a PC and you can select sound from it.

Harmonium: Harmoniums are an air blow instrument. It has a keyboard on it similar to piano. These keys are used to blow air through the reeds and create different pitched sound. It is considered as a classical instrument of Indian subcontinent. Bangladesh, India and Pakistan use the instrument as a classic and sometimes as a folk instrument as well.

Melodica: melodica is also a wind instrument. It has two parts. A pipe for blowing the air and a piano keyboard to control and change the pitch. It is small in size so it is considered as a portable instrument.

Tabla: Tabla is a pair of small drums played with the player’s hand. It is mostly used in Bangladeshi and Indian classical music. The fat drum is called ‘Baya’ as the player plays it with his left hand and the right one is called ‘Daya’ because it is played with the right hand. ‘Baya’ has a dim and low pitch and ‘Daya’ has a higher pitch.

Ektara: Ektara is a popular Bengali folk instrument. As the name suggests it has one string, the player uses his finger to play the string. It is mostly played by the folk singers of Bangladesh who are also known as “Baul”

Guitar: Guitar is the most recognized and played instrument around the world. Almost every nation has adapted the guitar with their culture. It is a stringed and fretted instrument which is played by both hands of the player. There are various kinds of guitars. Main two categories are, acoustic and electric. Acoustic guitars are mostly made of wood and amplify the sound by its hollow wooden body. There are three main types of acoustic guitar. Nylon string acoustic, steel-string acoustic and acoustic bass. The other category is electric guitar. The theory and playing method of this guitar is the same as the acoustic guitar. But electric guitar amplifies the sound through an amplifier and a loudspeaker. There are two main types of electric guitar. The electric bass guitar and electric guitar. Electric bass are used as a bass instrument and sticks to the drums and also follows the melody. The electric guitar is played as a rhythm instrument or solo instrument and they are melody based.

Mandolin: Mandolin is similar to a guitar. It is also a string instrument and has eight strings. But these strings tuned in a pair so even after having eight strings, it acts as if it has only four. It is played as the guitar.

Other instruments: there are some other instruments that are used by Bangladeshi musicians. Such as Kortal. Kortal is a pair of brass cup. It is mainly used as a percussion instrument by the folk singers of Bangladesh. They hit the cups with each other and a beautiful sound comes. Then there are shakers. Shakers are also a kind of percussion. There are various types of shakers available. There are other instruments like kazoo, dhol, khanjana etc.




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