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The price of the karaoke microphones differs according to its quality and capability. Karaoke microphones and karaoke is a popular source of entertainment in the modern world. It was first invented in Japan. The word ‘Karaoke’ is a Japanese word which means empty orchestra. Karaoke is a type of game in which an amateur singer sings with a microphone along with the music. The music is mostly an instrumental version of a popular song. To help the singer, there is a screen where the lyrics are shown. The global karaoke market now worth over $10 billion.

In 1967 the first karaoke machine was built by a Japanese engineer Shigeichi Negishi. It was a prototype. In 1971 a musician named Daisuke Inoue device a karaoke machine in Kobe. after that it started to become more and more popular. The gaming arcades, malls of japan introduced karaoke to the mass people. The first karaoke machines did not have any screen. In the 1980s, the first karaoke machine with the screen was developed. The lyrics were shown on the screen which made the machine more popular by the 90s.

In the 90s, karaoke became very popular and spread throughout Asia and other continents. By the success of arced karaoke machines, developers developed home karaoke machines. They also became very popular. But in America and Canada home karaoke machines were not that much popular. So the manufacturers focused on home theater and kept the karaoke one of the features of the home theater. In the 90s, many musicians thought that it would be a perfect and profitable platform to sell songs. So the song collection got bigger.

Now karaoke has become more popular and has become handy. You can play karaoke using your PC, phone or smart TV. You just need a karaoke microphone. The microphone turns your device in a karaoke machine and you can enjoy the karaoke anytime, anywhere.

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As mentioned earlier, now you do not need to have a karaoke machine, with a karaoke microphone you can turn your PC, laptop, phone or TV into a karaoke machine. Having one of the largest collections of musical instruments, ajkerdeal also has a large collection of karaoke microphone. Microphone is an input device and it is the most important device for karaoke. There are various microphones available in the market but on ajkerdeal you will find microphone designed only for karaoke. These microphones have control on them. With the control you can pause, play or stop the track. You can buy wired or wireless both type of microphones but we would advise to go for a wireless microphone. The wireless microphones will allow you to move around and give you more flexibility. You can find microphones of various sizes and designs. From the large option you can find one for you. You can buy karaoke mic online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal with the lowest possible price. You have to place an order and it will reach you.