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Quail Meat:

Why eat quail eggs and meat: Of the many types of food and eggs available in the world, the quail eggs and meat counts in birds, which means that they are the best in nutrition and in taste. Cholesterol increases the risk of developing heart disease by eating chicken eggs and meat regularly at a certain age.

However, quail eggs and meat can be eaten by people of any age from infants to older people. There is no cause for harm, but consuming quail eggs and meat regularly can cure many difficult diseases. There has been a lot of research on quail birds in different countries, and researchers from all over the world have advocated eating quail eggs and meat comfortably.

Nutrition remains in eggs and meat of the Quail:

Quail eggs contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids in such a way that by eating these eggs, the body is able to increase the body's function by eliminating all kinds of nutrients. Compared with chicken eggs, cholesterol where 1.4% of the eggs, chicken eggs are about 4%, and the amount of protein in the broth is about 7% higher than chicken.

Quail eggs contain six times the amount of vitamin B-1 than chicken eggs. Phosphorus is five times higher. Iron is five times more. Vitamin B-2 is fifteen times higher. Quail meat is quite appetizing compared to broiler chicken in terms of taste, and in the price judgment, about 5 quail eggs are available at the price of 4 chicken eggs. The benefits of eating quail eggs on the regular breakfast list are 1/4 quail eggs and quail meat at least once a week:

  • Improves kidney, liver and heart function.
  • Helps to increase digestive power and reduce acidity.
  • Helping children develop their mental, physical and intelligence.
  • Enhances the livelihood and performance of people of all ages.
  • Increases sexual ability as well as physical ability.
  • Quail eggs and meat diabetic patients can eat freely.
  • Quail eggs and meat are quite cheap.

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