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Healthy food oil is very important to get healthy food. If cooking oil is not healthy then good food will become unhealthy.

Types Of Oils available in the market:

Various types of oils are used for cooking throughout the world. Experts here say that the best oils used in cooking.

Sunflower Oil:

One of the most widely used cooking oils in the subcontinent. It contains linoleic acid which helps in reducing cholesterol, both harmful and beneficial in the body. Palmoline can also be used in combination with oil. Food is a great oil in cooking.


Ghee is one of the most favorite food products in the region. This is called clarified butter. It contains animal fat. There are also saturated fats and cholesterol. Ghee contains some healthy ingredients. The use of ghee in cooking food is very healthy. Buy Ghee online in BD

Coconut Oil: 

Coconut oil is the main culinary ingredient in southern India. However, in our country, people recognize it as hair oil. Many experts consider it an unhealthy oil. But it has vegetable fat. It does not contain cholesterol. It can be used in combination with other oils. All in all, a very healthy oil.

Almond Oil: 

Almonds are healthy foods. Its oil will also be healthy. Almond oil removes bad cholesterol from the body. Both are filtered and rebound - almond oil is prepared. This oil is very popular for frying, grilling and tempering. One of the best oils for the body. 

Mustard Oil:

Mustard oil is very common in many countries, including our country. It has a fiery smell and taste. Refined mustard oil is used as vegetable oil. It contains high levels of mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated ingredients. Very few vegetables contain these ingredients. Excessive use is likely to cause harm. However, daily cooking is a very useful oil.

Rice Bran Oil: 

This oil has become quite popular in our country. This oil contains cholesterol-lowering ingredients. There are also natural vitamin E and antioxidants. The oil becomes more useful in high-temperature cooking. Rice bran well for cooking any kind of food. Foods absorbing less than 20-25 percent less oil than almond oil.

Olive Oil: 

Mono-unsaturated oils do much to reduce bad cholesterol. Its extra virgin salad brings extra flavor. However, this oil is very good in low-heat cooking.

Reusing Cooking Oil and it’s Health Hazard:

Often, cooking oils produce a foul odor, which can even get into the food. This is called Rancidity. When the fat content of the oil is wasted, it can smell so bad. The two reasons why there is rancidity in edible oils- Excessive heating of the oil during cooking can cause an odor in the oil. If the oil containers are not covered properly, it can cause a bad smell. That is, because of the light and air contact, the oil can smell bad. Consuming rancid oil can greatly increase our cancer risk. 

Moreover, it damages our body's vitamin E. According to data published in Aquaculture Research, a U.S. science journal, any vegetable oil can be used for cooking. However, be careful not to cook it at an extra temperature.

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