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Ghee is one of the main ingredients in Bengali food. The use of ghee in any mouthwatering diet including Polao-Korma-Biryani is almost recommended. This ghee is basically a kind of refined butter originating in the Indian subcontinent. The traditional cuisine of the region has long been used to enhance the taste and nutrition of food. In many culinary delicacies, ghee is being used in food for the sake of cooking Bengali food.

Multiple studies have shown that eating ghee has nothing to do with body odor. Rather, ghee is not an option for increasing the mobility of multiple organs from the brain to the nails.

Benefits of Ghee:

Let's see how ghee is protected from multiple body harm:

Brain works as a tonic: 

According to nutritionists, ghee has no choice but to improve nerve performance and improve brain power in general. In fact, so many omega-1 and 3 fatty acids play a vital role in keeping the body and brain healthy. In fact, several recently published studies have shown that these two types of fatty acids play a crucial role in reducing the incidence of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Keeps cancer away:

Antioxidants present in ghee reduce the ability to damage free radicals present in the body. As a result, changes in cell structure reduce the risk of cancer cells being born. In fact, many people in our country cook with ghee. This practice is also not bad. Because Ghee's "smoking point" is too high. As a result, cooking at high temperatures does not hurt.

Improves digestive capacity:

Ghee plays a crucial role in increasing the esterification of various stomach acids that help digest food. As a result, the risk of dehydration and gas acidity is reduced. Not just here, renowned celebrity nutritionist Rojuta Diwakar talks about the benefits of ghee in several books written by her, saying that eating ghee or pali is exactly the kind of ghee you can digest! Because ghee is capable of easily digesting any kind of heavy food.

Helps to Lose Weight:

Ghee does not increase weight, but decreases. Multiple case studies have shown that essential amino acids in ghee help to shed excess body fat. As a result, the body begins to lose weight.

Reduces Allergy:

'Lactose Intolerant' or Ghee can be the ideal diet for those who have milk and dairy foods.

Ghee is made by heating the butter at a temperature of 5 degrees, so all these ingredients remain in the container, leaving only the fat part. And this part of the diet is responsible for stomach upset.

Butter contains 'casein' and 'lactose', which many have difficulty digesting, causing allergies. By extracting these ingredients from butter and making ghee, it is possible to get fat and nutrients without side effects. However, you must first make sure ghee is tolerated.

Vitamin source:

According to experts, ghee naturally contains a lot of vitamin A, linoleic acid and butyric acid. Vitamin A is very useful for eyesight, immunity, genitalia etc.

Wheat contains a small amount of vitamins 'K', 'E' and 'B 12'.

Vitamins 'A' and 'K' are soluble in fat. As a result, it is better absorbed in the body when played with fatty foods. It is also used more effectively in the body.

Some more benefits:

Eating ghee regularly improves sight. At the same time, the immune system becomes so strong that no infection can penetrate.

How much ghee is healthy to eat:

Useful foods should not be consumed in excess. Because doing so causes more harm than good to the body.

If someone starts eating ghee at uncontrolled rates, bad cholesterol levels in the body increase. As a result, the health of the heart naturally deteriorates.According to doctors, eating more than 2 tablespoons of ghee daily to keep the body healthy does not work at all.

Who Can't Eat Ghee: 

People who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or overweight problems will not forget to eat ghee.

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