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Have you ever fallen behind or survived a fall due to the seals of a damaged sandal? What do you think then? And not a single day, today, sandals have to be changed. It is natural for most people to think so. We change the sandals for fear of slipping back due to the loss of the sandals that have been lost in such a short time. Think about how much speed of a bike will be afraid to get behind if we use a damaged tire. And what can happen if you go back?

The tire is one of the most visible and the most used parts of motorcycles. The tire is a ring-shaped material that allows a vehicle to transfer a load of iron from the wheel to the ground around the rim of a wheel and provides trash on the surface. Most tires, such as automobiles and bicycles, are pneumatic flyover structures, which can provide a flexible cushion that absorbs shock as the tire roll over the surface's rough features. The tires provide a footprint that is designed to increase its balance with the bearing strength of the device providing a bearing pressure that will not deform the surface excessively. Check out bike price in BD

Modern pneumatic tire materials include synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, carbon black and other chemical compounds. The body provides traction when supplying the amount of compressed air. Before the rubber was developed, the first version of the tires was simply a band of metal fitted around a wooden wheel to prevent wear and tire. Early rubber tires were solid (not pneumatic). Pneumatic tires are used in a variety of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, heavy equipment and aircraft. Metal tires are still used in engines and railcars, and solid rubber (or other polymers) tires are still used in various non-automotive applications, such as some casters, carts, lawnmowers, and wheelchairs.

If the biker is pressed on the bike and the bike is pressed on the tire. And so the importance of a bike tire is immense. The bike tire is different. Some are sleek, some are thick, some are big in size and some are small. There are different grip designs. We sometimes have problems knowing how much to pump a bike, whether your bike needs a tire or your bike's tire size. Your tire is less complete or more ready. When to change the tire. The tire covers almost everything that is needed. Sometimes with symbols or special symbols, sometimes with numbers. If you are familiar with these marks or numbers, you do not have to rely on any tireless mechanics' reversal advice on tires. Let's just get to know some of the signs and numbers.

The size of the tire

Each tire has a specific size. Size is measured in two ways. First, how wide it is, and secondly, its radius. For example, if written on a tire 3.25-18.0, it means that the tire is 3.25 inches thick and its diameter is 18 inches. Again the writing is 110 / 90-17, which means the tire is 110 millimeters wide, 90 millimeters high and 17 inches in diameter. 

Just like we do not want to put damaged sandals on one foot, we should not bike for a moment with damaged tires or old tires. This may be due to the high price of acne or laziness. In addition, we should have a proper and clean idea of ​​the tire. Knowing how much the pump should provide, what is the maximum load capacity, rotation direction of the tire, production date, etc. will save me from many unforeseen events.

The volume of the pump or air varies with the tire piercing. The amount of pump to give to the tire is written on the tire itself. Its measurement unit is PSI (Pound per Square Inch). Tire pressure is one of the reasons for poor tire loss. Depending on the tire pressure, exactly how much rubber will come into contact with the road. If the spare tire is fast, the tire will not be able to hold the road with the full bit grip. If the tire pressure is low on the other hand, the tire will be damaged due to overheating.

How do you understand your tire pressure? The answer is very simple, all companies mention the Maxim PSI in the sidewall of their tire. The company uses the Maxim PSI as the maximum weight you can carry in the back, and the amount of weight you can carry on the tire is also mentioned in the tire wall. So the highest tire pressure does not mean that this is the norm. If you ride alone most of the time, keep the PSI below the maximum tire pressure. Many tires refer to the size of the air after size, such as 42P or 56P.  

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