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Bike accessories are very important for a biker. You can now buy bike accessories online in BD from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh you will find all kinds of bike accessories. As a biker, you need different kinds of accessories and components. And these accessories are important. They will make your biking experience better and safe. So, visit the website of ajkerdeal and see the huge accessories collection. You can now order them online on ajkerdeal and get them delivered to your place within just a couple of days. 

Ajkerdeal has a great collection of all kinds of important accessories that you might need for your bike. So, check out the collection. Some of the important accessories are listed for you you can take a look.


A helmet is one of the most important and a must-have accessory for you if you are a biker. It is essential for the safety of yourself. It is also a law imposed by the government that every bike rider must wear a helmet even the rider who is not driving also have to wear a helmet. So it is a must that you have a helmet and wears it. You can find some of the best bike helmet on These helmets are cool, comfortable and most importantly they are safe. So, go to the website and place an order now. You will get your helmet within a couple of days at your front door.



If you are going for a long ride then you must wear a pair of gloves. These gloves are made of soft and spandex material. The fabric is light weighted so you will not feel any discomfort in your hand. No matter what the weather is, whether it is summer or winter you should wear a pair of gloves while riding especially in the winter. It will give you a good grip. You will find the best and most stylish bike gloves on ajkerdeal. You can now buy them online. Just visit the website, choose which one you like and place an order. We will make sure you get it within a few days.



We all know how dusty it gets in the cities of Bangladesh especially during the hot summer and winter seasons. When you are riding a bike, while these seasons you are inhaling this dusts at a large quantity which is not good at all for your health. So it is very important that you put on a mask while riding. It will block the dust to enter your nose up to 95%. So, there is nothing new to tell you about the importance of using a face mask. Ajkerdeal has some of the cool-looking masks. You can now easily order these mask from ajkerdeal. Just visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order for the mask you like and that is it. You can now relax. We will make sure that you have your mask within a couple of days. 



The importance and need of raincoat is known by every biker in the world. You do not want to get caught by the rain while you are going to work or somewhere important. But you definitely can not hold an umbrella while riding a bike. So, you must have to wear a raincoat. Raincoat will give you protection from rain as well as give you flexibility. You can now buy the best quality raincoats on ajkerdeal. These raincoats are made with best waterproof fabrics. So, visit and place an order now.



No matter what bike you are riding or how fast it is, you have to keep your bike safe and under the locked key. There are various kinds of lock for a bike. Each lock has a different purpose. There are ordinary chain locks with these you can lock your bike with something. You will also find disk-pad lock. These locks will lock down your wheel. These locks are recommended for you. There are also class lever lock. This lock will lockdown your class lever and will keep your bike safe. All of these locks are available on ajkerdeal.


Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh here you will find all kinds of bike accessories. Besides the above-mentioned accessories, you will also get lights, shiners, washing shampoos, dust cover, glasses and more. You can all these accessories on ajkerdeal. So, visit now and place an order now. You will get your product within just a couple of days.