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In Bangladesh, motorbikes are very much popular vehicles all over the country. The preference of choosing motorbikes is largely dependent on some couple of major issue like the price range, CC, engine power, torque, strokes, seat, height and weight of the bike, details description about breaking system whether it has hydraulic or dump brake, fuel efficiency and so on.

Based on the availability and selling, the most popular motorbikes of Bangladesh are Honda, Bajaj, Hero, Yamaha, TVS, Atlas Zongshen, Suzuki, Walton, Runner, Mahindra, and others.

Motorbikes are basically popular among the young generation and it also represents the sense of fashion of that particular person. Motorbikes are not costly like motor cars but can function like motor cars. It is an essential transport for so many people and by considering the wide range of the market, the number of brands is increasing gradually in Bangladesh.

The usefulness of motorbikes is innumerable. As we all know, Bangladesh is a densely populated country and Dhaka, the capital, is cursed with the monster of the traffic jam. So, in a country like Bangladesh, people feel safe and comfortable to use motorbikes because it does not take space like cars and it can run through congested roads as well. By considering the conditions of the roads, different types of bikes are being used in Bangladesh.

Usually, in a village, the roads are not well structured like the cities and the transport system of those areas are miserable. In those rural parts of the country, Motorbikes play the role of savior. In some areas of Bangladesh, people earn through this vehicle by carrying passengers.

By the passage of time, the women of Bangladesh are also interested to use motorbikes. Bangladesh government is also very much strict about preventing the misuse of this vehicle. A person needs a valid license to operate it and he/she needs to wear a helmet for the safety purpose. By considering the infrastructure of a country like Bangladesh, it can be predicted that the usage of motorbikes will be increased in the future.

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