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Motorcycles are now one of the means of communication. We are already familiar with motorcycles. With various parts of the familiar motorcycle. One of the parts of the motorcycle is the chain. The chain accelerates the motorcycle from the engine to the rear wheels and connects between the engine wheels. We all use the motorcycle for communication. What makes this communication a great influence is the motorcycle's chain. Without it, the motorcycle is absolutely immovable. The chain is directly related to the engine and wheels. The task of the chain is to determine the speed of the motorcycle. But there are some problems with using the chain. While riding a motorcycle, the oil on the chain, the dirt, etc., gets hit by the driver/climber. Dirt-dirt in the road causes the chain to become dirty. Chain cover was invented in continuation of this. The use of chain covers on motorcycles began in the eighties. This is basically needed for chain safety.

At present, we find that chain covers have been used as protection for some motorcycles and some motorcycle chains are not covered at all or even half of the chains cover. Chain cover has been used keeping in mind the safety of the driver and the chain. We do not know the advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle chain cover. Buy Motorcycle Online in BD


  •  In the eighties, motorcycle users used chain covers to think about their clothing. The chain cover is made in the main, keeping in mind that their dress is not damaged in the ink of the chain.
  • Commuter bikes are more prevalent in our country than the chain cover, the main reason is that the amount of dust in our country is very high, and due to climate change, roads have mud, water. The chain cover needs to be very high in our country, for which the efficiency of the chain can be disrupted.
  • Spraying oil/grease, etc. used on the chain while riding a motorcycle, cause the rice to become dirty in clothes, motorcycle tires or other places.
  • Also, the chain cover is used to avoid being cut or to prevent any injury to the driver, the rear leg or foot part of the shoe or the cloth is inserted inside the chain.
  • Commuter motorcycles are usually lagging behind, so these types of motorcycles definitely need chain covers.


  • Having a chain cover causes the problem of chain cleaning. It is difficult to remove the chain cover every time for regular chain cleaning. Even impossible for many.
  • The motorcycles that are run most often need to be checked regularly by motorcycle chains. It is not possible to have a chain cover, thus preventing the possibility of an accident.
  • If a moving motorcycle has a chain cover, it can cause an accident by locking the wheel behind the chain.
  • Chain covers are not safe to use on a speeding or sports motorcycle. All these motorcycle chains require regular inspection and care. Which is difficult if the chain cover. If the chain is broken at high speed, the possibility of a major accident will be avoided if the chain is covered.

For a dusty area like ours, having a chain cover can cause problems even if it is not necessary. In many cases, instead of the full chain cover, only the upper cover is used. It does not cling to the chain dirt and gets into a motorcycle; For safety reasons, check the chain at least twice a month and clean it at least once. 

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