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Winter Cosmetics in Bangladesh: Buy Vaseline, Lotions, Creams, Lip Gels at Best Price

Winter is the driest season of the year. The air loses its humidity in a massive amount. In the absence of humidity, the air sucks the water or moisture out of everything around. People from ancient time has suffered during the winter. The first massive winter that mankind experienced was the first ice age. During the first ice age humans were already present on earth. The primitive humans did have little protection against the cold. They suffered from the cold, they used skins of dead animals to cover themselves, they were even migrated towards the warmer areas of the earth. But still there were a lot of people who could not make it. Besides the cold weather, there was dryness. Primitive people used water to keep the moisture on their bodies in the beginning but the water was too cold and after some times the sources of water were frozen. Than they learned to apply the animal fat on their body and it worked. They started to hold the moisture for much longer than before. Gradually they learnt to use wax and then petroleum oil like this they learned to fight back against the winter. Winter suffered our primitives most because they did not have proper protection against winter. But in modern days the case is different. People enjoy the season.

There are lots of winter clothing. Clothings that not only keeps them warm but also serves as a fashion wear. There are jackets, hoodies, sweaters and more. There are also many winter gadgets that are used to prevent the winter. There are room heater, water heater, geyser, flask. With these gadgets you can keep your home warm even after the temperature is zero degrees outside. You can have instant hot water for shower. You do not have to wait for the stove to heat the water. It is less time consuming. You can also heat up your drinking water or can make a hot cup of coffee or tea with it. You even can store the hot water in a flask. A flask will keep your water hot for six hours. Not only these, there are a ton of skin care products only designed for winter. These products will take care of your skin throughout the season. On ajkerdeal you will find the best winter skin care product collection in Bangladesh. We are making your online shopping experience easier, more comfortable. 

Olive oil Price in BD:

Olive oil is oil which is extracted from a fruit known as olive. It is extracted by pressing the olives. There are a ton of uses of olive oil. It can be used in cooking, frying, making salad, can be used as a cosmetics. It has been proven that olive oil has a huge health benefit you can buy olive oil online in BD now. Ajkerdeal is providing you the original and the best olive oil around. And you can get the olive oil in best price in Bangladesh. In our country, olive oils are mostly used to moisturize the skin. It is also helpful for the newborn if they get a massage of olive oil. It will keep them warm and away from cold or flu.

Lip Gel and Lip Balm Price in BD:

Lip gel is a kind of petroleum gel that is specially made to moisturize lips. Lips stays in the most vulnerable state during winter. When the lips get dry it can bleed as well. So it is wise to use a lip gel. Lip gels can be used by both male and females. The male lip gels consist no additional color and has only lemon or orange flavour. But the female lip gels comes with light color mostly pink which gives the lip a pink aura. And they come in various flavours such as cherry, strawberry, rose and more. You can buy lip gel online in Bangladesh with ajkerdeal and keep your lips healthy as well as beautiful.

Petroleum Jelly Price in BD:

Petroleum jelly is a semi solid mixture of paraffin. Paraffin is a kind of organic compound, it is called hydrocarbon. And petroleum jelly has the hydrocarbon which has more than 25 carbon atoms. Petroleum jelly is mostly and widely used moisturizer for both male and female. It is a wax like substance by rubbing it on the skin, it traps the moisture under the layer of jelly and keeps the skin moisturized. It is also widely known as vaseline. Though, vaseline is not what petroleum jelly means but vaseline is a company which produces petroleum jelly.

Cold Cream:

Cold cream is a mixture of water and a different types of fats. Mostly beeswax. It is used for softening the skin and moisturizing the skin. The oil and water ratio gives it a very different feature which is it vanishes right after been applied on skin. So, it is also known as vanishing cream. On ajkerdeal you can buy cold cream online in Bangladesh with a few clicks. We have a large collection of cold creams of various sizes, features and brands. Though the cream can be used by both male and females but there are some specialized creams as well for male and females.

Lotions Price in Bangladesh:

The lotion is a low-density body application. It is mostly used in the outer layer of the body such as hands, feet, chest etc. lotion has a higher water contain in contrast to cream or jelly. It also perfumes the skin. On ajkerdeal you can find a vast collection and you can buy lotion online in Bangladesh. Not only adult lotion, but also baby lotion. The baby lotion is softer and lighter than adult lotion. You can also buy baby lotion online in Bangladesh on ajker deal.

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Other Products:

There are some other eccensial winter skincare products. Such as shower gel. Sgower gel is a kind of shower soap. But it contains more glycerine and it makes your skin softer and keeps the moisture. There are also baby oil, body oil, baby cream, baby lotion and more. You can find them all and can buy them online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal.