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Winter is one of the six seasons of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a subtropical country located in South Asia. So, the climate is mostly humid and hot. The main feature of a subtropical country is it experiences a lot of rainfall so does Bangladesh. But from the end of December to the middle of February the weather cools down. In this part of the year the temperature goes down to 10 to 25 degree celsius on an average. The wind from the Himalayas flows into the country and it cools the country down. During the winter, the weather becomes very dry and foggy. Though the winter of Bangladesh does not stay long, but it becomes severe sometimes. During the winter people can catch diseases easily. The immunity system of human decreases a little in this season. People catches some common diseases during the winter. Cold is the most common of them all. You can catch a cold very easily during this time. And it is also very easy to avoid cold. You should wash your hands regularly in these seasons and keep your nose and mouth covered. Sore throat is another common problem. To avoid this you should drink warm water during this season. Asthma is also seen in this season. Cold wind works as a trigger of asthma. You should try to avoid the cold wind and if possible you should keep the inside of your house warm. Most of the people who are suffering from arthritis complains that the joint pain increases during this season. Although there is no evidence found to support this claim, but still you should avoid shower with cold water and drinking cold water. Last but not least is dry skin. People of all ages, all genders suffers from dry skin in the winter. Dry skin can cause itching or even bleeding sometimes.

So, it is better for you to avoid all these problems during winter if you have proper precaution. The precaution includes, hot shower, kettle, flask, room heater etc. you can buy all these things online in Bangladesh with ajkerdeal.

Hot shower:

Hot shower or geyser is a device that heats up your shower water and allows you to avoid the hassle of pulling the hot water pot for shower which is very time consuming and risky as well.  A hot showe can help you to relax and forget all your stresses. Taking a bath in warm water will keep you safe from germs during the winter. On ajkerdeal you will find geyser of various sizes and brands. You will also find hot water tap, hand shower and more. You can now buy them online in Bangladesh easily.

Kettle/ Water Heater:

During winter it is important to drink warm water to avoid sore throat. It is very annoying to put water on the stove over and over again. It is time consuming and you can't get the proper temperature with this method. Sometimes it is too hot, then you pour cold water and it becomes too cold, which is too much annoying. To save you from the annoying experience, the biggest online shop of bangladesh ajkerdeal has the largest collection of water heater and electric kettle. With this kettle and heater you can heat up the water very quickly and up to the point you are comfortable with. Wou can also use them to heat up the water for tea or coffee. We all know that how much we need to have coffee or tea during this season. And you do not want to boil water over and over again to have tea or coffee. You can buy water heater online on ajkerdeal. You also can find the price of electric kettle in Bangladesh and can choose from the options.


Flask are mostly used to store hot water. It is also known as thermos flask. It is made in such a way that no heat goes into it or comes out of it. It has a vacuum chamber in between the outer and inner layer. Which allows the heat to be trapped inside the flask and it keeps the hot water hotter and cold water coloder. During winter a flask is very important, especially when we are outside of the house. In the road or school or college, it is hard to find hot water and we all know how important is to drink hot water during the winter. You also need to have a flask in your house. You do not want to boil the water after a while. So, it is wise to keep a flask and with it you can have hot water up to six hours. You can find hot water flask online in BD on ajkerdeal. You just have to order and it will reach your home within two to three days. 

Room Heater:

During the winter to keep yourself safe from floe, cold or asthma, you need to stay in a warmer place. In this season the temperature can fall down below ten degrees in Dhaka, wander how much it can be in other areas of the country. A blanket or comforter can warm you for a limited time when you are under it but when you get out, you feel the chill in you bone. So, it is great if you have a room heater to warm up your house. So that you do not have to worry about the cold wind and it's consequences. You will find a various collection of room heaters on ajkerdeal. Room heaters heat ups the wind and keeps it flowing throughout the room and it warms up the room. You can buy room heater online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal. You also can evaluate the price of room heater in Bangladesh and can choose which fits best for you and can order them. It will take two to three days. Within this time the product will reach your doorstep. And you also can enjoy the cash on delivery service.