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A jacket is the most fashionable and trendy dress during the winter season. Check the Jacket price in BD for Both men and women who use jackets in winter. AjkerDeal offers the latest and good quality jackets for both men and women on the Site. Check out our collection to find your jacket and stay trendy with the latest fashion trend this winter.

For many years jacket is a unique style to men's fashion. The jacket gives a versatile and cool look to any man, which is suitable for work as well as for fun.

The looks offer to dare to a classy and elegant style to men's fashion. Style aside, they are highly functional since they promise high quality and durability.

Jackets for men are differently designed for women in many ways and it’s important to know the difference between them. Buttons, zippers, sizes, and colors are the main difference between them. The men's jackets are longer compared to the ladies jacket.  

Leather jacket for men usually has zippers on the right side and for women, it’s on the left side. Black and brown is the preferred color for men.  Women naturally have various options like purple, red, white, orange, pink along with the traditional black, gray, and brown.

Some jackets don’t have collars while the others have. There is lots of variation in jackets. AjkerDeal offers a wide collection of jackets such as the mens jacket, women's jacket, PU leather jackets, etc. you will also find denim jacket in our store.

We ensure only the top quality products on our Site. We offer the best price for jackets in Bangladesh. So, browse through to find out your desired jackets and just click to order. We will deliver your product to your doorstep.

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Leather Jacket For Men & Women at Best Price in BD

At one time, the warmth of the Bengalis was bound only in sweaters, shawls, and jackets during the winter. The choice of that Bengali is now leather wire. Leather jackets are not only a fashion but also a symbol of personality and elegance. The smart look will come in style. The fashion designers of the hall have given this jacket many variants. This jacket is easily adapted to various wires.

And this year, leather jackets are almost exclusive. Not only boys but girls also choose leather jackets as their winter clothes. There are several reasons why leather jackets are becoming popular. Leather jackets can become attractive in any kind of casual or party environment. Wearing a leather jacket over a winter sweater can be easily brought to a smart look.

Slim Fit and Casual Fit Jackets Price in BD

Jackets can be one of the most fashionable youth outfits for dinners, parties, or friends. Because leather jackets showcase fashion as well as personality and elegance. Even a leather jacket can be worn with a simple striped shirt. It will also show you tidy. Leather jackets can also be your go-to the party at the end of the office as well as your all-day and party clothing. The jacket can be worn with denim jeans and a monochromatic shirt. Casual outfits will be considered excellent.

Loved By Girls Also

Leather jackets are well-positioned in women's fashion. Girls can also choose jackets with tops, shirts, single kameez or Kurti outfits. The semi-long jacket will fit with Kurti or single kameez. The short leather jacket can be chosen with tops or shirts. Black, blue, brown and red jackets are mainly used by young people. With a red jacket, you can choose a polo shirt for a stylish look.

The Demand for Leather Jackets

Due to its durability and quality, the value of leather clothing or leather products is a little higher. The leather jacket also has no interest in fashion lovers. Tannery owners say leather jacket made of cow leather is most popular. However, sheepskin jackets are quite comfortable and quite expensive. There are also Rexin jackets on the market. These jackets made by Rexin, although not readily available in price, are very durable. Although it is difficult to see synthetic or artificial leather on the market, it is difficult to find original. 

The price of a genuine leather jacket is a bit higher. Considering the demand for export within and across the country, many leather goods factories have been established. Leather products manufactured in these countries are being exported to overseas as well as in the market of the country. Apex and Dhaka Leather have brought some leather jackets to the market. These are available in their various showrooms. Many tanks in Hazaribagh produce leather jackets for sale in the country market and export abroad. Most leather jackets are imported into the showrooms of the brand. 

Find out if your leather jacket is real or fake:

- Wrap it when buying a jacket. If you see that the jacket is shaking then you will understand that it is real leather. And if you see that the jacket is not changing despite the wrap, then the jacket is fake. However, there are several expensive types of leather that do not get too crushed when twisted.

- When buying a leather jacket, you should definitely check it out. If you see that the jacket has folded spots, it is very good. However, if you see that there is no stain after folding, then there is a problem.

- The smell of leather is a must. Proper leather will never smell of plastic or any chemicals. Moreover, you can understand the original leather jacket.

- Drag and stretch the jacket a bit. If it is real you will find very small holes in it. The holes are actually pores. Such holes are made artificially in fake jackets. Which just doesn't happen.

- You will get a feeling of smooth skin in genuine leather. However, it is much harder than fake leather. The matter is found only by touching the leather.

- Original leather can absorb water easily. But, if the water ever falls on fake leather, it doesn't dry out at all. 

Leather jackets are fashionable on the one hand and on the other hand, they are a bit difficult to care for. Because, if the leather wire is damaged, it is damaged. If you want to clean a leather jacket, you need to send it to a dry cleaner. If ever there is water, immediately dry it and allow it to dry in the sun. However, not at all in the harsh sunshine.

Buy Original Leather Jackets Online in BD

Buying an original leather jacket is very easy now. By clicking on or the AjkerDeal mobile app, find thousands of attractive leather jackets of your choice and buy them easily. By paying with Bkash, get free home delivery. So, hurry up and start shopping.