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What is a PU Leather Jacket?

PU (Polyurethane) is additionally called faux leather. The substance is produced from plastic and ordinarily costs less as correlated to the original. A jacket produced from this material seems almost the same to genuine leather and it’s difficult to tell at first sight but you’ll be assured to notice the variety after a few months.

Artificial leather, also named synthetic leather or PU Leather, is a material designed to interchange for leather in upholstery, clothing, footwear, and extra uses wherever a leather-like surface is desired but the real material is cost-prohibitive or inappropriate.

Is PU Leather Jacket Durable? 


The lower-cost alternate of Genuine Leather, don’t have much protection power and quickly gets affected even by the sweating of your body. Nevertheless, high-quality ones might just persist for the next two years or longer – only if you utilize it with care.



  • View and seems the same Genuine Leather.
  • Sparkling appearance.
  • Affordable price.
  • More effortless to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for mild weather regions with occasional rains.


  • Synthetic Leather
  • Thicker than Original Leather
  • Large in some cases
  • It scents like Chemical
  • Quickly gets affected by body sweat and oil.
  • Cannot resist heat
  • Begins to peel or crack in fewer than a year

Those are basic details that a customer necessity know. Note – some PU leather jackets may differ depending on which brand is manufacturing and estimating the expense. It can only be perceived after using it for some time.

Is Genuine Leather and Real Leather the equal thing?

Some people worry about genuine leather with real. If you examine synonyms of real or genuine in Google, it will display both as the same meaning. That doesn’t mean the words are also the equivalent of leather material. Let me explain further…

Many corporations label genuine as real but sometimes, it drops in this section and sometimes not — like, A leather brand merchandising two jackets at separate prices. One is for $199 while the other jacket is for $299, but both introduced to as “GENUINE.”

My point, there is a variety in the quality of both jackets because the one with the fewer price might be produced of bonded leather, which only holds leftovers of real leather. So don’t perpetually think every genuine leather is real, and I suggest decomposing the material before buying the product.

Is Real Leather any good?

Real Leather Jackets are recognized for its toughness and endurance but in times of price – it cost higher. Also if it took extra cost, the updated features will surely give you an enduring experience such as environmental protection like heat, water and in many parts, against cold snow.

How Real Leathers Are Made?


Real leather jackets are produced of animal skins like lamb, sheep, and Cows. The various common skin utilized to produce good quality jackets is lambskin. It is soft, skin-friendly and grants an enduring experience.


  • Provides a luxury look