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Though Panjabi is the best choice for ethnic appearances moreover it is the most satisfactory ethnic wear for guys. In customary, Panjabi is the most prominent men’s outfit in different countries and communities, wonderfully carried by the utmost of our countryside. 


So, If you want the ethnic appearances by wearing the Panjabi in miscellaneous events then browse through the website for choice able men’s outfits. 


Holuder Panjabi Set provides the best quality product in men’s outfits, at the present days’ Men’s Panjabi & pyjama is the best choice to buy bd people. T-shirts, pants are advanced to wear in the events but when it comes to attending the Wedding program, or Gaye Holud program always reflects a thought for bridal outfits toward men. 


Bridal Gaye Holud Decoration For The Bridegroom

At present, the wedding ceremony has added different dimensions. There is also a difference in organizing the turmeric ceremonies. In our country, the bride and bridegroom are usually arranged differently, but lately, the yellow program for the bride and groom is being organized simultaneously.


Different Types of Panjabi For Gaye Holud Program

Panjabi and Pajama of Men in Bangladesh are a regular part of everyday life or other activities. The Panjabi set approaches for the program of Gaye Holud with a festive season-wise set of vivid Panjabi that enhances the ethnic and traditional wearing zest.


You will discover every kind of fabricated Panjabi for the “Gaye Holud” Program in Bangladesh. Like, Suti, Printed, Striped, Black & White mixed, Silk, Short, Long, Semi-Long and Colourful Panjabi. 


“Panjabi Is More Commonly Used in Turmeric Ceremonies”    

Panjabi is the main bridal wear of the Turmeric Ceremonies. Panjabi of cotton, silk or half silk is used more often in Gaye-Holud Program. The colour of the Panjabi should be determined depending on the colour of the groom, the colour of the face, and so on. In most cases, the boys of the groom and the bridegroom wear yellow, red, white or purple Panjabi at the ceremony.


Exclusive Bridal Panjabi Collection For Men In Bangladesh

Highlighting multiple options in fabrics, designs, colours and patterns, Ajkerdeal can consider various options to pick one Panjabi for daily purpose as well as celebratory occasions. Women especially can purchase Panjabi as a present for her father, brother, friend & husband from our site.

Here we listed our “Gaye Holud” Program Special Panjabi Collection, such as-


  • Semi-Long Gents Cotton Panjabi
  • Long Cotton Panjabi
  • Blue Cotton Panjabi
  • Yellow Printed Panjabi


  • Deep Yellow Cotton Panjabi
  • Hand Print Khadi Punjabi
  • Short Cotton Panjabi
  • Embroidery Work Panjabi For Boys


  • Printed & Striped Punjabi
  • Original Indian Silk Long Punjabi
  • Gents Original Silk Punjabi
  • Yellow Satin Panjabi For Men


  • Gents Dhupiyan Sherwani Style Panjabi
  • Multi-Colour Cotton Long Panjabi
  • Embroidery Cut Punjabi With Koti
  • Golden Striped Long Panjabi



Bridal Shopping For The Bridegroom

Bangladeshi weddings are most colourful and dazzling as part of the Gaye holud program. So the bride and groom want to be so special on this occasion. Panjabis are so prominent in their outfits, especially for boys. Want the best Panjabi for their bridal decoration, So browse the ajkerdeal site for Panjabi Collection of turmeric ceremonies.


Gaye Holuder Panjabi From Ajkerdeal Online Site

Our Ajkerdeal online customers will find various categories and even find the Wedding-collection for the bridegroom. Let's check out the listed products of the “Gaye holud” program.


Men’s Regular Fit Cotton Holuder Punjabi

If you require your informal look by the twist of a colour compound and colour contrast matching Punjabi at the wide range of colours, fabrics, designs, sizes, decorative buttons and multiplied choices for programs then visit from and choose according to your selections.


Variations in Men’s Punjabi of Turmeric Ceremonies

Not only the colour touches in nature, but also the clothes can be seen. The variety of dresses that come to the boys every year at the spring festival is just as varied as the turmeric ceremonies Punjabi. Whether it is Punjabi or T-shirt, it will have bright colours like yellow, basonti, orange or green. 


Although monochromatic and geometric patterns predominate in boys 'clothing throughout the year, the center of turmeric ceremonies is more commonly seen in boys' clothing.


MultiColour Punjabi For Bridegroom

If You are looking for a window shop in Wedding collection for a bridegroom to celebrate the wedding programs of Gaye Holud and Wedding ceremonies as well as giving a variety of gifts with a traditional multicolor Punjabi set then browse our site.