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A wedding is an important and memorable event of every man’s life. You can now buy the best bridegroom collection online in BD from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and you will find everything that you need at your wedding. There is a lot of things you would need at your wedding. In our culture, a wedding is like a festival that lasts for at least a week. There are several functions in a wedding. Three major functions are Gaye Holud, Wedding and Wedding Reception. There are some other little functions like the henna night and the singing night. Each function has its unique appearance and unique color code and tone. Besides, a groom has to look perfect on the wedding day and it needs special treatment as well. Ajkerdeal is here to help you with all these functions. Now you can get all these things in the same place. You just have to visit the website of ajkerdeal and choose what you need and place an order. We will send it to you as soon as possible. After all, it is your wedding. 

On ajkerdeal, you will find all kinds of necessary things for your wedding. Here you will find clothes, cosmetics, footwear, watches and more. It is your wedding day and you want to look and feel special and ajkerdeal understands your feeling. We have made a list of the necessary items that you might need for your wedding. So, take a look and decide what you need.


Sherwani is classic wedding wear for men. It is worn on the actual wedding day. Sherwani is a long coat that is designed gorgeously with stones and thread. Sherwani is a heavy wear. It is worn with a matching turban or ‘Pagri’ and it is also similarly designed as the Sherwani. Ajkerdeal has some of the best and beautiful Sherwani. Visit the website and see the collection and place an order now. You will get it really soon at your front door. 


Panjabi is another classic and traditional wear during the wedding. It is mostly worn on the function of ‘Gaye Holud’ and singing night. The traditional color of Gaye Holud for men is white. But yellow or red is also a popular choice. You will find Panjabi of different color and fabric on ajkerdeal. These Panjabis are really comfortable and make you look great as well. So, visit and place an order for a Panjabi and get it delivered to your front door.  

Blazer/ Prince Coat:

Blazer and prince-coat is worn on the wedding reception function. In this function, men wear full formal and there is no need to tell that how much complete a formal appearance look when it is worn with blazer or prince-coat. Prince-coat is just like a formal blazer but it has a high and closed neck. It looks great with formal pants and a pair of formal shoes. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of these coats and blazers. So visit the website and take a look at the collection and place an order now. You will get it on your front door as soon as possible. 


Watches is not only to tell time. They have become a fashion. With a proper wedding dress if you have a nice watch on your wrist then you would look like a complete man. There are different types of watches, you will find mechanical watches, quartz watches or digital watches. Mechanical or quartz watches may look classic and great but you can also go for digital or smartwatches. To place an order, visit the website of ajkerdeal and choose. We will make sure that you have got your product within a really short period of time. 

Other Items:

There are some other items as well. You must need shoes and sandals at your wedding. You can wear shoes on the function of the wedding and reception and sandals are perfect for Gaye Holud. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of these shoes and sandals. You also need cosmetics and toiletries such as facial cream, scrub, face washes, shampoo, shaving kits, and perfume. You can find all these things on ajkerdeal. So, visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now.