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This is an age of Smartphones. People from all over the worlds possess or want to possess a smartphone. Likewise in Bangladesh, every mobile user is highly fascinated with smartphones. There are different smartphone brands now available in Bangladesh with diversified models and features. Besides the international brands like Nokia, Xiaomi, iPhone local phone brands are also getting popularity among the people of Bangladesh. Walton is the one of the most prominent smartphone brands in Bangladesh.

Walton is a Bangladeshi local electronic brand that offers TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, Motorbike and smartphones. Smartphones are the most influential products that Walton has. Walton is the 3rdmost popular mobile brand  in Bangladesh in terms of sales. Walton has produced lots of smartphone within very quick time as a result their quality breakdown. But in the recent year Walton released some impressive smartphones within lower price. Walton did well to get back on their way by producing some stunning smartphones in year to year. Walton mobile phones are most adored for their attractive features offered at an affordable price range.

Delight yourself to a world of possibilities offered you by Walton smart phones. Don't hesitate to select from the wide variety of cutting-edge advancements and features to fulfill your contemporary requirements. With the most recent Android operating systems coupled with convenient smartphoneses with stylish design and superior develop quality, Walton is continuously aiming in this particular ever-so-demanding competition to deliver only the best to the consumers. Original Walton smartphones comes with all the smart features like 5”-6” LCD display, FHD IPS Display, powerful processor like octa core & quad core, quick charge and long battery stand by time, night eye adaptive camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and many more additional features for flexible use. They also come with warranty from the manufacturer to ensure best service. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs for you to choose from. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs for you to choose from. The most popular Walton smartphones on AjkerDeal are Walton Primo ZX3, Walton Primo X4 pro, Walton Primo GM2+0, Walton Primo H6 Lite, Walton Primo NX4, Walton Primo ZX2 lite etc.

You can easily find and buy Walton Smartphones online at, the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh.  Almost all latest Walton Smart Phones are available with the best deals offered. All the phones are fully intact and comes with relevant replacement warranty. Enjoy cash back offers on buying Walton smartphones at  You can even order and get your favorite Walton android phone while watching TV at your home with Cash on Delivery offer.

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