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Walton WB-MG03 3 in 1 SS heavy duty mixer grinder ৳ 4100
Walton WGS-AT299 (LPG) Double Burner GAS Stove৳ 5900
Walton WGS-NSB1501 (LPG) Double Burner GAS Stove৳ 3800
Walton WI S45 Induction Cooker ৳ 4350
Walton WMWO-G20XC (Microwave Oven) - 20 L৳ 10000
Walton ROOM HEATER - WRH-PTC001 ৳ 1800
Walton travel blender ৳ 1800
Walton WDCM-G15L Coffee Maker ৳ 1900
Walton ROOM HEATER - WRH-PTC002 ৳ 1790
Walton ROOM HEATER - WRH-PTC003 ৳ 1600
Walton ROOM HEATER - WRH-PTC004৳ 2090
Walton ROOM HEATER - WRH-PTC007৳ 1490
Walton ROOM HEATER - WRH-PTC005৳ 2750
Walton WGS-GNS1 (LPG) Double Burner GAS Stove৳ 3990
Walton WGS-AT233 (NG) Double Burner GAS Stove৳ 3800
Walton WGS-AT100 Single Burner GAS Stove৳ 1750
Walton Vacuum Flask (2.0 Liter) ৳ 1000
Walton WBL-13PC40 Multi-functional Blender৳ 2100
Walton 7 in 1 Juice with Blender ৳ 8000
Walton WB AM920 Grinder & Chopper৳ 2550
Walton 3in1 blender ৳ 2080
Walton 3in1 blender ৳ 5350
Walton 3in1 blender ৳ 2600
Walton WB-LB800 3 in 1 Blender৳ 2200
Walton WB AM930 Grinder & Chopper৳ 2550
Walton WB-EP301 3 in 1 blender৳ 2200
Walton WB-JYL19 2 in 1 blender৳ 2690
Walton WB-JYL22 4 in 1 Blender with Meat Chopper৳ 3280
Walton WB-AM630 3 in 1 Juicer with Blender ৳ 2190
Walton WBL-15G35 Powerful grinder৳ 2150
Walton WBL-15GC40 Ultra sharp meat chopper ৳ 2450
Walton WB JYL16 3 in 1 Blender৳ 2650
Walton WB-JYL19A 3 in 1 blender৳ 2690
Walton WB-Q409 2 in 1 blender৳ 2700
Walton 3 in 1 SS heavy duty mixer grinder ৳ 4470
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator (365 L)৳ 36500
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator (365 L)৳ 34500
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator (365 L)৳ 31990
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator (345 L)৳ 33050
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator (345 L)৳ 35500
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Walton Products in Bangladesh

Walton is one of the most famous local brands in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1977  by its founder S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi as a trading company. Since the year 2000, Walton has expanded towards electronics and automobiles. Walton is a very popular electronic brand in Bangladesh. You can buy original Walton products online from the largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, provides you the widest range of smart devices collection from both locally and internationally reputed brands like Apple, Symphony, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Oppo, Philips, LG, Huawei etc. also has a large collection of Walton smartphones and other gadgets & accessories. Find all the new and updated versions with all the latest features of Walton smartphones, refrigerator & freezer, television, laptop, generator, motorcycle, elevator, compressor, air conditioner and all the other Walton home appliances and electrical appliances only at

Latest Walton Smartphones: Mobile Phones at Reasonable Price

Smartphone is one of the best selling products in Bangladeshi online. And Walton smartphones are equally popular like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Oppo, Philips, LG, Huawei, Symphony etc. Like Symphony mobile phones in Bangladesh, Walton is another most popular smartphone brand among the Bangladeshi people. Explore original Walton smartphones from They come with all the smart features like up to 5.5”-6” large LCD display and FHD IPS Display, long battery life, quick charge, quad core/octa core processor, night eye adaptive camera, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and many more additional features for flexible use. They also come with warranty from the manufacturer to ensure best service. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs for you to choose from. The most popular Walton smartphones on AjkerDeal are Walton Primo ZX3, Walton Primo X4 pro, Walton Primo GM2+0, Walton Primo H6 Lite, Walton Primo NX4, Walton Primo ZX2 lite etc. Check out walton mobile price in Bangladesh.

Walton home appliances in Bangladesh

Walton also provides a wide range of home appliances collection. Some of the most popular Walton home appliances products at Ajkerdeal are- Refrigerator, Air cooler, Rice Cooker, Blender and Juicer, Iron, Electric Kettle, Microwave oven, Water Purifier & Dispenser, Weight Machine  etc. Walton air conditioners, Walton Elevators, Walton Generators are the most famous home appliances item, among all Walton products. You can get all these products from at a reasonable price and under attractive offers.

Walton Power banks at the Most Reasonable Price in Bangladesh:

Walton high capacity power banks can be your reliable partner while you are on the go;  these efficient power banks helps you charging your smartphone and all the other type of smart devices any time anywhere. You can choose the best Walton power bank from Various kinds of designs are also available for you here. Dual USB ports, premium Li-ion battery cell, sleek aluminum casing are the main features of these power banks. The high quality battery ensures long lasting performance. There is also an over-voltage, over-current protection for the safety of your smart device. These power banks are compatible with all kinds of smartphones, tabs, digital cameras and handheld gaming devices. Walton power banks also come with warranty facility.

Walton Earphones & other accessories:

Walton earphones provide high quality sound. These earphones got the improved with 3rd Generation technology.  They also come with noise cancelling function, integrated microphone and lightweight and durable ear buds. They are also compatible with all the smart devices. At you can find all the popular branded earphones and headphones like- Apple earphones, Samsung earphones, Xiaomi earphones etc.


Walton Television: Walton Smart TV, LED & CRT Televisions

Walton televisions are very popular in Bangladesh. Because only Walton provides the best quality television experience at a very reasonable price.  Walton has the latest smart technology built televisions, featuring upto 55" OLED wide Display with 4k Ultra HD TV. From you can buy Walton smart televisions at a very reasonable price. And also you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range collection. Some of the most searched Walton Tv’s online are- Walton WJ4-SB55SV100 (55" 4k-SMART), Walton WUD55MF56 (55" 4k-SMART), Walton WE4-DH32-BY200 (32" Smart) etc. Check out walton tv price in bangladesh bangladesh.


Walton Refrigerator & Freezer online in Bangladesh

Walton Refrigerator & Freezer are one of the most popular home appliances products in Bangladesh. Like LG, Samsung, Phillips and others international brands, Walton Refrigerator & Freezers are equally popular for its sophisticated design, energy-efficient technology and 10 years long warranty facility. From you can also find all the latest models of Walton Refrigerator & freezers at a very reasonable price. Some of the most popular Walton Refrigerator & Freezer online are- Walton WFC-3F5-0401-GDXX-XX, Walton WFE-3A2-0101-NXXX-XX, Walton WNJ-5H5-0101-RXXX-XX, Walton WCO-M12 etc.


Buy Walton Motorcycles online in Bangladesh

Walton is the fastest growing automobile company in Bangladesh. Walton produces high quality motorcycles with new-generation look with styling. Walton uses Smart E3 engine in their motorcycles which provides more power and better fuel economy, more reliability and lesser maintenance. From you can buy the latest Walton Motorcycles under reasonable price and attractive discount offers. Some of the most famous models of Walton motorcycles are- Walton Xplore, Cruize, Ranger, Stylex, Fusion 125NX, Fusion 110EX, Fusion 125EX etc.


Walton Electronic appliances in Bangladesh:

Besides Walton smartphones and Televisions, Walton also produces various kinds of electronic appliances also. Among them, Battery, LED Light, Fan and switch sockets are very famous in Bangladeshi market. From now on, you can find all these products at your favorite online shopping mall at a very reasonable price.


The Largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh proudly brings you all Walton branded products online. You can also check Walton mobile phone price in Bangladesh online from Browse through our site for a wide variety of products from your favorite brands and enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience with us.