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A Brief Introduction To The Pen:

The pen means scriber. The word “Penna” comes from the Latin word ‘Penna’, which means feathers. At one time feather pens were used. A pen or stylus is mainly a tool used for writing. Ink is applied to paper or ink on a surface.

The history of pens started about 5 thousand years. The ancient Egyptians probably started writing with the first pen. The pens were used as taps, bows or bamboo scissors or blanks. These fragments were cut into the pen, cut into sutures and written in ink. From the 5th century, the shepherd of the bird occupied the place of Kanchi or Nalakagara. The feathers of the swan were the main instrument of pen making in that era.

Discovery Story of Ancient Pens:

In the primitive condition when people lived inside the cave, the walls of the cave were painted with a sharp object or something. At other times, drawing was consumed with the juice or blood of a leaf or prey. Soon after the civilization began to be written in clay jars or soft stones, among them the use of camel wool in China can be noted.

But perhaps the Egyptians first started writing something like copper nibs on a wooden stick. And about four thousand years ago, the Greeks started writing in a traditional way. Their pens were made of ivory or something like this. The name was Stylus. That is why the writing style is still called "Style". And after the invention of paper in the Middle Ages, writing with feathers became prevalent.

History of the Ancient Pen:

Forest Tree Pens:

A forest tree is a type of tree, much like a bamboo wicker. At one time, pens made by these forest trees were used. It was not absorbed ink if the forest pen was submerged for some time in the ink. After that, write it down. When the ink was finished it had to be drowned again.

Bamboo Wicker Pen:

Not too long ago, many of our grandfathers took the first hand in a pen with a bamboo pen. The bamboo wickers were cut into 3-5 inches in length and one end of it was used as a pen with ink. 

Quill or Feather Pen:

A quill is usually made of feathers made of goose or feathers. About 1,600 years ago, the feather of the bird was used. The feather pen or quill came and replaced the pen of the reed. The bad side of a feather pen is that it had to be changed after a week and it took longer to make.

Nib Pen:

This pen is usually made by placing a metal nib with a wooden handle. The nib is the same as the nib of the fountain pen, but this pen does not have any ink-free ink, and it has to be submerged ink repeatedly at the time of writing. Nib pens are now used mainly for decoration, calligraphy and comics.

History of the Modern Pen:

The history of the invention of modern pens is quite long. The first pen of modern times was invented in England in 1870. In 1884, Waterman invented the Fountain Pen. In addition to England, many countries started making fountain pens. And in the twentieth century, ballpoints were made of pen or ballpen.

The first modern ballpoint was discovered on October 30, 1988. The first pen was invented and used by a Hungarian press editor, John J. Loud. However, he helped his brother in creating this pen who was a chemist by profession.

How Modern Pens Work:

The pen is a medium for writing. One of the disadvantages that were evident was that the pen had to be repeatedly rubbed with ink, while in the hand, the ink would dry out and so on. The technology of continuous and ink-cutting technology is scientific, however. And as the system is improving, its popularity is increasing day by day.

The refill ink is not as thin as ordinary ink but is a sticky adhesive. By means of the force of gravity, the upper object comes downward, based on the theory that the sticky adhesive ink of the refill comes down while writing. But it prevents the ball from coming out like a ball metal in the socket. As the pen moves while writing, the ball rotates in the socket, the part that is in the inside of the ball, while writing ink, the part comes out.

When the paper is pressed, the text will burst, writing word afterword. The pen is moving on the paper, the ink on which the ball is not inserted turns around, then ink it inward, and then it turns out. Thus, the whole thing goes into the socket without any interruption, at a steady pace. As a result, the ink on the face of the ball does not dry. The ball will rotate when the pen moves and the ink will come when the ball is rotated. Because the outer face is small, the ball came in and the inside face came out with ink. The writing is finished, the pen is closed, the whole process is closed.

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