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As the era approaches modernity, no matter how technologically dependent everyone is, the use of pencils is by no means avoided. From childhood, with pencils in hand to the old age, stick with it. The use of the pen in place of the pencil has been started in the sector since the 2nd to 3rd grade in Bangladesh. But it takes 3 pencils to draw pictures, to draft. Moreover, the use of color pencils. There is also have the use of kajal-pencil.

Definition of Pencil:

The word 'pencil' in English comes from the ancient Persian language 'Pencil' or the Latin word 'Pencilus', which literally means 'short tail'. There is a reason behind this nomenclature. It is thought that the pencil was named after remembering the original writing system.

The pencil makes the mark by physical friction, leaving a trail of solid core elements that adhere to a sheet of paper or another surface. These are different from pens, which provide liquid or gel ink over the marked surface.

At one time wooden pencils were all there, now pencils made of plastic or other materials were also available which contributed to the technology.


Types of the Main Body of a Pencil:

Most of the pencil's dyeing material or body is made of a combination of graphite and clay, which cuts gray or black spots on the paper. Not only that, but stains can also be removed with rubber if desired. These graphite pencils are used for writing and drawing.

It may seem that the stains of pencils on graphite cannot be removed, as they can be removed. But the reality is that the stains on graphite pencils are long-lasting. They do not suffer from moisture, chemical effects, the effects of ultraviolet rays or over time.

Color pencils contain wax mixture in the core, which can not be removed when the paper stains are cut. They are used for drawing and version work. There are also grays pencils, the main part of which is very soft like chalk and made of wax. They are used to cut stains on ceramic or glass objects.


Types of Pencil Cases:

The wood is most commonly known as the pencil case. The thin wood is cut into hexagonal or cylindrical pieces and is permanently stuck along the middle of the head or core. Plastic or paper is also being used instead of wood. Before the pencil is used, the wood is engraved and then the student has to write or draw a picture. But nowadays, there is also the core of replaceable pencils, in which case the original body is not permanently attached.

A huge graphite mine was discovered in England in 1564. Graphite is used for writing when it looks that darker and more permanent stains can be cut off than lead. At that time, graphite bars were not held in cases made of wood or other materials but were used directly by hand or by yarn.

Graphite Processing and Pencils:

Other minerals were mixed with graphite obtained from the mine. From there, it would be powdered again to separate the graphite, from which it was not possible to make a pencil. Then in Nuremberg, Germany, the first graphite powder began to be made of wood.


Different Types of Pencils:

Different types of pencils are now being made keeping in mind the need, use and consumer attraction.


Graphite Pencil:

Graphite pencil is usually made from a mixture of graphite and clay in different shades of wood for everyday use. The ratio depends on how dark the stain will be.


Pencil Without Case:

It’s a kind of graphite pencil, but without any kind of casing.


Charcoal Pencil:

The pencils are much wood-shaped and made of charcoal to look at. Its use is usually seen in the painting.


Carbon Pencil:

It is mixed with charcoal and graphite and painted darker or lighter.


Color Pencil:

This pencil is made from a mixture of color and wax and the casing is this pencil is wooden.


Watercolor Pencil:

The color is the same as a pencil. However, its ingredients can be mixed with water.


Woodworker's Pencil:

They are made of solid graphite and are mostly oval. These pencils are long lasting and hurt.


Plastic Pencils:

In 1960, Grossman invented this plastic pencil. These pencils are flexible. If you want to bend, it will not break.


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