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From the morning till night, we use paper in different ways, from picking up the newspaper in front of the door to sleeping in the morning with the book or magazine closed. These include school books, bus tickets, paper money, office files, letters, print outs.

They all depend mainly on paper. They are so much a part of our lives that the paperless world we can't even imagine. A Chinese broker named Sai Lun discovered paper almost 2000 years ago, with old nets, shredded pieces of cloth and trees, etc. The mold is made with these fibrous materials and the mold is pressed through the machine to dry with a thin lining.

There are multiple and versatile uses of paper. While the paper is most commonly used for writing and printing, the paper is also a widely used item for wrapping. Paper is used in many cleaning products, in a number of factories, in construction, or even in food (especially in Asian culture). Checkout huge collection of Pen in BD

Offset Paper:

Properties of offset paper and offset paper raw materials. Offset paper is usually made from bleached softwood chemical pulp and a suitable amount of bamboo pulp. When processing offset paper, it is more suitable for filling and shaping. Some high-grade offset papers must be surface-shaped and calendared.

Offset paper uses the principle of ink balance when printing, so it requires a paper with good water resistance, dimensional stability and strength. Offset paper is mostly used for coloured prints. In order to enable the ink to restore the original colour, it needs to have a certain degree of white and smooth. Offset paper is commonly used for printing albums, colour images, trademarks, covers, ring linings, high-end books and books.

In recent years, with the improvement of people's culture and quality of life, book content has also improved to a high-grade, and more and more books, magazines and books have been printed using offset paper. Since offset paper has the advantage of fidelity, viscosity and precision, the book has a clear text and the book is flat and not easy to distort. The number of books and magazines bound by offset paper will increase in the future to meet market demand.


Tracing Paper:

Tracing paper is a paper that is very thin. It is used to copy designs from cloth or paper. Using this paper, each and every detail design can be copied easily. 


Art Paper:

The art paper is quite hard and generally yellow in colour. It is generally used for designing, art and crafting. Mainly children use it mostly for their crafts and arts.


SS10 High-Quality Paper:

SS10 papers are thick offset pages, rank-5 quality, much more standard than normal offset pages. It can be used for any type of writing or presentation, can be used for any structure also.


A4 Sized Colour Paper:

A4 size color paper is available in 1 Color. 50 pieces of a single color paper are sold at a pair. Paper protection is provided. The color of the pages is yellow.


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