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Nokia phone is one of the best phone manufacturer companies in the world. Nokia is producing the high-quality smartphone with their traditional sturdy build quality. They are back with a bang. Nokia 8 is a flagship phone which is obviously matching with Samsung, HTC, LG and other top quality smartphones in the world. Nokia is back with a bang. Price slightly on the lower end, Nokia 8 is definitely fighting with the top giants of the industry. If you are looking at the detail specification you will understand that how far Nokia 8 has gone at this price point. Stay tuned for the full in-depth review of Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 – Design

Nokia was always famous for their sturdy build quality way before Apple arrived on the scene. Nokia was always renowned for its distinctive hardware design. Nokia 8 stands up pretty well for most of the department. There is no wow factor neither it has any faulty design. It has aluminum and glass with curved edges and subtle plastic antennas on the top and bottom edges. 

Nokia 8 is 7.9mm thick and weighs 160g you will get a relatively small display. But I think its fine for most of the people. The power and volume key are on the right side.

Nokia 8 – Display

Nokia 8 comes with a smaller than typical display size. At 5.3 inch you can’t still call it a compact phone. But it’s still too big for single-handed use. It has taken the decision to opt for LCD over OLED and this display is perfectly cool, crisp and bright. But Nokia used to know to use OLED in the old Windows Phone days. Overall a superb quality display you will enjoy watching media and browse websites.

Nokia 8 – Performance

There are actually no complaints with the Nokia 8’s performance or specifications. It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset which is the processor for flagship phones of 2017. Having a QHD display backed by 4 GB of RAM everything moves fluently on the Nokia 8. Nokia 8 is a smooth operator.

The phone doesn’t become too hot when you run high-end tasks are running. Besides the energy-cooling chipset, Nokia has included a copper cooling pipe with a graphite shield which dissipates system heat across the phone’s body.

Nokia 8 Software:

Nokia 8 has Android 7.1.1 with a very little tweak. I will always take a clean UI over gimmicky widgets and tasteless sluggish menu. Nokia 8 is near stock android and you will love the software experience. Generally, the Nokia 8 is very smooth and stable.

Nokia 8 – Camera:

Nokia 8 use Carl Zeiss optics of 13 MP cameras is capable of taking reasonably well-balanced pictures. This dual sensor setup works in a completely different way. The second camera is mainly responsible for taking monochrome pictures. This should improve the details of the low-light performance. Nokia 8 does a decent job of talking image and processing the image. Overall a good quality camera in the smartphone at this price point. The front-facing camera is also a 13MP sensor but this is sharper than average.

Nokia 8 Battery Life:

Nokia 8 is such a powerful, bright, pixel-dense LCD display and obviously, you might not expect the Nokia 8’s battery life to be all that great. But the good news is it's superb I must say. On an average day of light to moderate use, you will easily last long for the full day even some juice left for the next day. This is a phone that will not break any sweat in the battery department any heavy intensive program you will through at it. Nokia has also included fast charging through the USB type C port. After one hour of charge, its battery was around 86%. Overall pretty solid performance in all departments including a superb battery performance.

Nokia 8 Price in Bangladesh | Should you Buy Nokia 8?    

It’s good to have Nokia back in the smartphone game. Nokia 8 is decent, safe and a great Android smartphone. At this price point, it’s a stealer smartphone. Definitely a great phone to recommend for anyone is looking for a great smartphone for a budget.

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