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Nokia 6.1 plus/Nokia X6 cover৳ 650
Nokia 6.1 plus/Nokia X6 cover cryn৳ 500
Nokia 8 Hardlex Cover- Blue৳ 410
Nokia 8 cover- Golden৳ 410
Nokia 8 cover- Transparent৳ 410
Nokia 8 Cover- 2 pc৳ 600
Nokia 8 Cover-3 pc৳ 700
Nokia 110 2012 Full Body Casing-Black৳ 306
Nokia 105 2017 Full Body Casing-Black৳ 275
Nokia 110 2012 Full Body Casing-White৳ 275
Nokia Mobile Battery For Nokia Lumia 730 - 2200mAh৳ 704
Nokia Mobile Phone Micro USB Female to DC 2mm plug jack Charging Adapter৳ 139
Nokia Mobile Battery৳ 320
Nokia Mobile battery ৳ 279
Mobile Charger for Nokia N70৳ 230
nokia 5 silicon case৳ 230
1020 mAh Battery for Nokia BL-5C BL5C -Black৳ 230
Mobile Battery for Nokia Lumia 620 - 1200mAh৳ 275
3.7V Nokia battery 1020mah৳ 185
Nokia BL 5C-High Quality Mobile Battery৳ 256
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The world of similarity has hit the itinerant market even as it's several different technology product classes. Their square measures countless ranges of merchandise from advanced to straightforward, however each manufacturer offers, of course, the most recent options. 

Leapfrogging in sales between brands often supports style. However overall the market is inevitable, with Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson fighting it out at the highest and several other less triple-crown brands like Samsung, Philips, Siemens and Panasonic attempting laboriously to form a method into their prime competitors’ market share. Thus what makes the distinction between the foremost triple-crown and fewer triple-crown brands? It definitely isn't what product options square measure offered. How, then, do customers choose? The solution looks to be what the whole names mean to them.Nokia corporation is one of the world's largest telecom system makers. it's the Finland-based company of mobile phones that was incorporated in 1961, and established as a prime and triple-crown whole in native market however its business has dilated all told areas to support customers would like and needs and also the growth of telecommunication trade.It was started as a pulp, rubber and cable producing company however with continuous effort currently it's the leading manufacture of mobile devices. It offers a good variety of mobile devices with expertise in music, video, imaging, gambling and heaps a lot of. It additionally provides the service to network operators. Its efforts have paid off, as a result of it's currently the amount one whole in several markets round the world. I even have chosen this whole as a result of it's very fashionable within the market. During this report you'll realize however this whole managed to stay up their image within the market once the competition is thus sturdy, and the way they managed to stay in an identical position throughout the year if the market wasn’t excellent all the time and the way they succeed with their ways concerning the sale.


Brand is outlined because the mixture of variety of parameters like name, term, sign, and image used for the identification of the products and services of could also be one marketer or numerous sellers and to differentiate them from the competition. Kotler (2009) as an example Pepsi, coke, lux, Nokia etc. in different words it means whenever an individual or merchandiser produce a reputation, brand or image this implies he or she has fashioned whole new} brand.Due to Brobdingnagian competition firms ar stretching themselves to complete their product image furthermore as brands worth to their customers. they're paid a great deal so they will maintain or substitute today’s competitive world. These firms are payment tons on analysis so they will establish a peculiar identity. a complete that is stronger in numbers can generate Brobdingnagian benefits for the corporate.


Nokia includes a terribly large and large list of mobile phones.Nokia mobile phones area unit out there for each shopper cluster, ranging from straightforward and sturdy phones for the low financial gain cluster and high finish phone for those that will afford to pay cash. thus no matter being a company foreman or a freshman into the globe of economy, Nokia has one thing for you.The following may be a partial list of product branded by Nokia Corporation.This list is concerning the trendy Nokia product. within the past, Nokia has created at just once or another paper product, automobile and bicycle tires, footwear , communications cables, televisions and different shopper physics, personal computers, electricity generation machinery, robotics, capacitors, gas masks like the M61 for the Finnish Army, plastics, aluminum and chemicals.

Mobile Phones

  • Nokia 1000 series
  • Nokia 2000 series / Basic series
  • Nokia 3000 series / expression series
  • Nokia 5000 series / Active series
  • Nokia 7000 series / Fashion and experimental series
  • Nokia 8000 series / Premium series
  • Nokia 9000 series / communicator series


  • Nokia E-series / Enterprise series
  • Nokia N-series / Multimedia computer series
  • Nokia N Gage / Mobile gaming device
  • Vertue / Luxury phone



Brand price is largely the quantity that a whole price in terms of financial gain, reputation, prestige, potential financial gain and market price. Brands with a high price area unit considered sizeable assets to an organization, so once an organization is sold a whole with a high price could also be price quite the other thought.In today’s competitive atmosphere creation and maintenance of brands are vital. whole equity creates once you invest in stigmatisation activities. And equity of the whole exists once the client area unit is tuned in to the whole, loyal to the whole and understands the whole as having quality. These 3 areas unit the most parts of the no-hit whole.Nokia accounts for over 1/2 the worth of the Republic of Finland exchange, and has taken huge market share from its competitors. per one whole valuation study it hierarchic eleventh on the world’s most no-account whole list, creating it the highest-ranking low-class.S. brand. As has been noted, it's unseated Motorola. Nokia achieved its good exploit through consistent stigmatisation, backed by fantabulous supply and producing, all of that revolve around what shoppers need.


Nokia mobile phones have gotten worldwide appreciation. As a result, they need to capture the big portion of the mobile market. thanks to top quality, value effectiveness & massive features; The Nokia mobile phones are often simply repaired on the mobile repair outlets, because the company conjointly provides spare components within the market. Nokia mobile phones fit the latest options with the modification of your time.