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Bamboo flutes are traditional musical instrument of Bangladesh. It is a wind instrument. Which means it is operated with wind flow when people blow it. You can now buy bamboo flutes of various scale and design online on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of musical instruments both local and abroad instruments. If you are pursuing music and looking for an instrument to play than ajkerdeal is here with you. Being the trustworthy and largest online shop in Bangladesh, we are here to help you out.

What is Flute?

As mentioned earlier flute is a wind instrument. It makes it sound when it is blown from an end and the wind flow travels through the whole length of it. It is classified as edge-blown aero phone. The flute comes in various sizes. Each size is a different scale. There are total twelve notes in music. The size of the flute is determined according to the scale and octave. Generally a flute can play up to 36 notes. These 36 notes means if the flute is in C scale, than you can play four octaves of C scale and two note from the 5th octave.

Type of Flute:

Flute has a unique fingering style and note design. All the members of the flute family share the same style. There are a total of four main members of the family but there are many other rare members. The first of them is Piccolo. Piccolo is the smallest in size of the family. It is almost half the size of a full length concert flute. It is the highest pitched flute in the C scale. It can be made with various materials but the most common is hardwood granadilla. Another common member of the flute family is Concert flute. It is the most common and most recognizable flute type. It is the flute that we all know and love. It is mostly made of nickel. The third one is Alto flute. It is mostly built in the key of G and it is much bigger in length and diameter than a concert flute. This is why it needs more wind to achieve the desired sound. The last one is Bass flute. It is also a large flute which is pitched in the key of C and has a low frequency sound. It is mainly used in a flute chorus. Based on their origin and type of music, flute can be divided into several parts like, western concert flute, Chinese flute, Japanese flute, Indian flute, Sring flute etc.

Bangladeshi Flute:

The Indian flute and Bangladeshi flute are the same. These flutes are being used since ancient times. The origin of this instrument is in the Indian subcontinent. These flutes are made of bamboo so they often regarded as bamboo flute. Bamboo flute is one of the main instruments of Bangladeshi classic and folk music. The bamboo flute originated independently from western flute and they are simple in design and technique. They are made of bamboo and they are keyless as well. There are two main types of flute are in use today. The first one is ‘Bashi’ also known as ‘Bansuri’ in India which has six finger holes and one blowing hole. And another one is Venu. Venu has eight finger holes and one blowing hole. It is mainly used by the South Indians. ‘Bashi’ is the most commonly used in Bangladeshi classic and folk music.

Buy Flute Online in BD:

On ajkerdeal, you can find various types, scale and size of flute. Ajkerdeal has one of the largest collections of flute online in BD. there is customized capo flute which is perfect for you if you are a professional player and if you regularly play gigs. You can find different natural scale of these flutes. And if you are a beginner than we have beginner flutes as well which will help you to master the fingering and will increase your ability to blow. These flutes are best for practice. Than we have whistle flute. It is much easier to play. So, you can buy it for your kids or you can gift them to kids. We also have flute set. A set contains 13 flutes. There are 12 notes in a scale if we include the sharp/ flat notes. So the 12 are there and the first of the next octave is also included to complete the cycle. On ajkerdeal you will also find the steel flutes. A steel flute has a different sound than a bamboo flute. It can take your music to another level. There is also ‘Nagin Bin’. it is mythical instrument. And in the stories and novels the Bin is used to call the snakes. So, from this large collection of flute, you can buy one. You can order them now and get delivered at your door within a couple of days.