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From the time when mobile phones started using expanded storage and supporting media consumption at an extensive level like video player, all types of people slowly moved towards smartphone from desktop computers. Though the screen is small compared to the large screen on desktop or laptops, people still feel comfortable using their smartphone for watching videos. You just have to transfer the files to your smartphone and start viewing it when you are free or on the go to have the opportunity to listen to music or watch a movie indeed. This is very handy as in Bangladesh we always face severe traffic jam. Rather being bored sitting on a bus now you can easily watch a drama or cinema if you like but as the screen is so small this doesn’t give theater-like experience. Here screen expander or screen magnifier can play a vital role. Now you are able to consume media on a much larger scale. You can easily get a screen magnifier online at for any mobile phone and watch a movie on a large screen which is much bigger than your smartphone.

What is Screen Magnifier for Smartphone?

The device which basically enlarge your screen to two to three times bigger than your phone and without distortion you can enjoy your videos on a large screen. The only thing you have to have in mind that the video you are playing should be in high quality.

Important Factors to Consider While Buying Screen Magnifier for Phones


There are mainly two types of screen magnifier. One type is closed design and looks like a mini tv. This is a box-like design which can be pulled out and pushed down at your comfort level. Another one is open, a foldable design where you put your phone in the back and magnifier on the front side with an angle adjustment.


You always have to check how much magnification it's offering. Some can give you twice magnification while others can give you even bigger magnification. In these, you can able to see the text size which will help reading for old people.


It’s better to check whether the magnifier is compatible with the screen or not.

Other than that you can look for an additional feature like 3d enhancer or HD screen magnifier.

You can now easily buy screen magnifier for your smartphone and take it anywhere you want with you. Connect your phone and start enjoying a movie with your friends at college.

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