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Mobile Accessories in BD - Selfie Stick, Mobile Holder, Power Bank, Ear Phones, Clip Lens, Blue-Tooth Headset 

Mobile phones are now an essential part of our regular life; not only the phone itself, but we additionally use several accessories with our mobile phone throughout the day & the night. These accessories support us in a great area to enjoy the functions of our mobile phone conveniently. The mobile accessories that we commonly employ with our mobile phone are earphone, selfie stick, power bank, charger, data cable, screen protector, memory card, mobile cover etc. Bluetooth headset has become another very common mobile accessory now. You can obtain the finest quality Bluetooth headset in Bangladesh on

All these mobile accessories are obtained from trusted sources; all these commodities are quality checked before displaying on the website. There are several branded products on our mobile accessories section; brands include Asus, Apple, Remax, OnePlus, Sony, Symphony, Xiaomi, Belkin, Adata etc. AjkerDeal provides mobile accessories online at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Most of the products appear with a warranty.

Mobile Charger

Now mobile phones have become an essential part of everyone’s life and therefore require frequent charging of battery owing to longer duration usage. Battery chargers appear as easy, trickle, timer-based, intelligent, universal battery charger-analyzers, quick charger, pulse, inductive, USB based, solar chargers and motion powered chargers. These battery chargers further vary depending on the applications like mobile phone charger, battery charger for vehicles, electric vehicle batteries chargers and charge stations.


Headphones are little speakers that can be used in or around ears. Regular headphones have two ear cups added by a band that is placed over your head. Smaller headphones, usually called earbuds or earphones, are set inside the outer part of your ear canal.  Headphones only require to send the sound waves a few millimeters to eardrums. Consequently, headphone components are much tinier and often further precise than speaker components.

Power banks

Power banks are not only a simple battery: they use sophisticated electronic circuitry to operate being charged, and then charging additional devices. In order to assure the amount of charge in the battery is identified so that they do not become overcharged, so that they are charged at the best rate, and additionally manage the charging of the portable devices particularly designed integrated circuits and modules provide all the intelligence needed.

Selfie Stick

A selfie stick is employed to take pictures or videos by typically a smartphone, beyond the normal area of the arm. This concedes for shots to be taken at angles and distances that would not have been possible among the human arm by itself. The sticks are typically extensible, including a handle on one end and an adjustable fastener on the other end to carry the device in place. They are various commonly used for taking selfies among camera phones.

Mobile Cover

There are several phone cases in the store with various color styles and appearances. But there are different phone covers that are constructed from various materials. Let's have a look at the phone case material, which assists you to choose the best phone case.


Plastic is a popular material for cell phone case production. These covers are really affordable. Poly-carbonate and polypropylene utilized for cell phone covers which are quite hard plastic substances.


Leather cases are constructed from synthetic and from animal skin. Leather cases are the most extensively used. These case covers present an excellent look to your phone. These case covers are usually costly in the market.


Metal covers are essentially used case covers on certain days. Aluminum is employed for the cover making. These covers produce further protection to your phone and preserve from falls and scratches.

Data Cable

Data cables are applied to transfer data among systems such as servers, personal computers and different hardware. There are three main varieties of data cables used to transfer data: twisted pair, coax and fiber optic cables. These three varieties of cables are used in multiple environments. These data cables have various characteristics that give them identifiable.

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