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There is a proverb, 'The Pitha of the neighbour, feels sweet on the mouth.' Sweet, sour and spicy flavoured mixed tasted Pithas is very much mouthwatering food. And when winter comes, there's starts Pitha festival in the whole country. Vapa Pitha, Chitoi Pitha etc yummy and delicious Pithas are made and served hot almost everyday. The rural ladies bring new paddy in the harvest festival (Nobanno) and made Pithas with these new paddy. After making Pithas, they invite relatives and neighbors to feed the Pithas.They also compete with each other in the types of Pitha making. 

Some of the popular Pithas of Bangladesh are given below:

Coconut Puli Pitha

One of the traditional Pitha of Bangladesh is Coconut Puli Pitha. Coconut Puli Pitha is a type of Pitha which is popular in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. It is also known as Kulipitha in Khulna region. In the middle of the Pitha, coconut powder is used to give the shape of a Kulipitha. There are various variations of Puli Pitha, such as bhaja puli, bhumapuli, milkpool, raspoli etc.

Milk Puli Pitha

An integral part of every Bengali dish is the Puli Pitha. There are different flavors of different types of Puli Pitha by mixing various ingredients with oil or boiling it. Among them, Milk Puli Pitha is quite popular.

Patishapta Pitha

It is one of the most tasty pitha.There is many types of Patisapta. Jaafrani Pattisapata, Kheer Patishapta, Mawa Pattisapata, Khoya Kheer Patishapta, etc, whose name might not heard by many. Patisapata is made from using flour, atta, semolina, rice powder, sugar, milk, coconut, curd, mawa, ghee, salt and oil.

Malai Patisapta Pitha

It’s a moderated version of Patishapta Pitha. As it is enriched with malai, the taste of the pitha becomes much more tasty.

Jhal Puli Pitha

Many people think that the Pitha is only tasted sweet. But the batter is not only sweet taste, but also the flavors. And the beds are quite thick. Especially for those who cannot eat sweets, Jhal Pitha is more popular. It can be made in a very short time. Instead of chicken, beef or shrimp, even if made with just vegetables, will taste great.The type of Pithas that women of Bengal can make, is easily understood by the name of their Pithas.The names of several of Bengali Pithas are mentioned below:

Vapa Pitha, Milk Pitha, Sandesh Pitha, Chiruni Pitha, Flower Pitha, Rose shaped Pitha, Sunflower Pitha, Date Pitha, Pakkon Pitha, Biscuit Pitha, Banana Pitha, Fried Puli Pitha, Sweet Vapa Pitha, Coconut Vapa Pitha, Ruti Pitha, Soi Pitha, Samucha Pitha, Saatkua Pitha, Kheer Puli Pitha and many more pithas, that are nowadays might not be heard. There were different types of Pithas tastes found in Bengali songs.

There are twelve months in a year in Bangladesh. Seasonal Pithas are made here by the rural ladies. Various paintings and designs can be seen on the Pithas.

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