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Sauces Price Online in Bangladesh

Sauce is a type of liquid or lei that is used in cooking or in combination with other foods. The sauce is not usually eaten immediately, it is used to make other foods visually appealing, aromatic and to increase moisture. The sauce is a French word derived from the Latin word “salsaus: which means salt. The sauce requires a liquid element, but some sauces contain more of the solid part than the liquid, such as chutney.

Types of Sauces:

Oyster sauce enhances the taste of food. This sauce is used when cooking food. Although the fish sauce is a name, there is no pair of fish sauce to enhance the taste of the meat.Barbecue sauce is used in barbecue cooking. The tartar sauce goes well with the cooked meat. Hollandaise sauce is available to buy, which is good to eat with fried or roasted meat.

White sauce also enhances the taste of the meat. Peanut butter sauce can also be used to roast meat. Roasting the meat with tomato sauce or ketchup also enhances the taste of the meat. Chilli sauce also has a variety of types. Red Chile and Green Chile Sauce. Chilli sauce is good for those who like to eat spice. If you want to add a tangy feel to the taste of the meat, you can use tamarind sauce.

Buy Sauces from AjkerDeal:

Looking at the market, Chilli sauce will cost 90-110 taka, barbecue sauce will cost 280-350 taka, fish sauce 100 taka, oyster sauce 160-180 taka, peanut butter sauce 135-220 taka, tomato ketchup or sauce will cost 60-150 taka, garlic. The sauce is 145 taka, vinegar 70-135 taka, soya sauces 80-150 taka, tartar sauce 250-335 taka.

The sauces can be purchased from Gulshan's DCC Market, New Market, superstores and large departmental stores. Or you can buy online from AjkerDeal, the largest online shop in Bangladesh. Check out more foods item online in bd