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The owners of the mill produce rice by buying the rice produced by the farmer. The rice is in the hands of retailers. This is how the rice business of the country has been operating for ages. But corporate enterprises are changing the traditional business style by entering the rice market. Now after the aromatic rice, branding is doing normal rice.

Several corporate organizations including Pran, Aristocrat Agro, Arang, ACI are branding the rice of Miniket and Nazirshil varieties in the market of the country. The big rice owners are now making their own brand.

Entrepreneurs say, branding is creating a customer base of their own, who will not buy rice other than that particular brand. On the other hand, consumers can trust them because of the brand value.

Middle and high income people of the country are accustomed to buying aromatic rice from different brands. In the small grocery store in street shops, rice of different brands is now matched. On the other hand, the brand's Minikate, Nazirshail, BR-28 and Swarna rice are found in the supermarkets and big market stores. Entrepreneurs expect the market to expand further in the future.

Companies that have come under the branding of rice say that a customer base has been established in the country; People who eat rice for less fear of turning away, but want to buy good quality rice. This market is growing.

There is another type of branding in the general rice market. Owners of big automated rice mills have established several brands market their 5 kg bags in the name of their mill. Now many families go to the market and search for their desired brand for their monthly marketing. 

In the corporate branding, the major organization of rice branding is "Pran". The company claims that it brought the first packaged aromatic rice to the market in 1997. Now, besides their aromatic varieties Chinagura and Kalijira Rice, there are Miniket and Nazirshil varieties of rice.

They pack 5kg, 20 kg and 50kg of rice in sacks and marketed. After the rice is cultivated through the listed farmers, their rice is grown on their own in Ishwardi.

Pran sells 5kg packet for a small family and 20kg packet for a medium family. Both have huge demand.

Aristocrat Agro Limited has diversified into the branded rice market. They have brought a variety of traditional rice packets to the market, along with aromatic and ordinary rice. Their brand name is 'Lily Flower'. Under the brand name, they are marketing Miniket, NazirShail, BR-20, Swarna and Atap rice.

ACI has started their rice mill in Naogaon. They claim it is the largest and most modern rice mill in the country. They have released the ACI premium Miniket rice produced in the market. The rice is being sold in the market for a nice looking packet of 5 kg.

Syed Alamgir, executive director of ACI Consumer Brands, said a brand of rice has been created in the country, saying people want good products. That is why we have paid special attention to quality. ACI's Minikets are not, or will not be, made with other rice. If the quality of our rice is bad, it will also affect other products.

Super shops have also created their own brands. Of these, Swapno, Meena Bazar is reported to be selling various rice, including Miniket, Nazirshail, in their own brand.

The rice paddy market of the brand is still SuperShop based. Marketing chief of SuperShop Agora, Samir Mohamed Saleh said, "A large market for aromatic rice brand has already been created. However, the branding of ordinary rice has just begun. Pricing is a big factor in raising its market. Because the packet increases the cost.

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