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We all love to taste the restaurant's diverse cuisine. Italian cuisine is not far behind in popularity among various varieties of flavor. The name of Italian food comes first when it comes to pizza or pasta. There are many varieties like these that have exotic flavors. Different shapes and sizes of pasta are different from one another as they look and feel different.

Pasta is one of the main traditional foods of the Italian food world. The first mention of pasta is found in Sicily of year 5. Noodles made of various forms of pasta commonly made from fermented wheat (Triticum durum or Triticum turgidum subsp. Durum) mixed with flour, water or eggs, which are subsequently boiled or baked.  Buy Noodles in BD

Types of Pasta:

Pasta is mainly of two types: pasta fresca (fresh, which is eaten immediately after making it) and pasta secca (dry). It is possible to divide these two types of pasta into more than four hundred types, each of which is somehow different and unique from the other.

There are so many pastas spreads all over the world that it is not possible to remember the names of all of them together, although, in accordance with Italian rules, all kinds of pasta are made of roughly the same basic ingredients — wheat flour, water, and a special amount of moisture and acidity.

Another important and important thing to do in the pasta world is to eat pasta with sauce. The perfect combination of pasta and sauce can make the pasta unique in its own merits. The taste and coating of the pasta can tell a lot that a pair of sauces will freeze. One of the most common rules is adherence to this - more frequent sauce for thick heavy pasta and thinner or lower density sauce for a light pasta. Buy Chips & Pretzels in BD

Process of Making Pasta:

After making fresh pasta, it is cut to the desired size and then partially dried for some time in the open air. It is then boiled and cooked. Meanwhile, special ingredients are used to make dry pasta or pasta secca.

A Delicious Recipe of Pasta:

Everyone loves to eat pasta. This food is also rich in nutrients. Kids love to eat this news. But if the pasta is not a little spicy, it may not be frozen. Pasta has many recipes that are very tasty and can be made at home. Therefore, pasta has been given different recipes, which can be easily made at home in less time and will taste delicious.

Simple Pasta:


One cup of pasta, olive oil / white oil, carrot slices, beans slices, capsicum slices, two eggs, one cup onion slices, one tomato slices, chili slices, Tomato sauce, salt as needed.


Heat one pinch of salt and one tablespoon of oil with water in a frying pan. Once the water is hot, boil it with pasta (put in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then the pasta will be boiled).

Once the pasta is boiled, pour it into another container to drain the water and not to be boiled any more. Now heat the olive oil or white oil well in the frying pan. Now heat the olive oil or white oil well in the frying pan.

Once the oil is heated, crack the two eggs and fry them with salt as needed. Put the egg in the container in another container. Heat the oil in the frying pan and fry the slices of onion.

Once the onions are being reddish and fried, they will be well-roasted with carrot slices, beans slices, capsicum slices, and salt as needed.

Once the vegetables are roasted, stir in them with tomato slices and chili slices.

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