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Juice is a type of liquid beverage stored inside various fruits and vegetables that is released under pressure. Sometimes juice refers to these flavored liquids (vegetables or fruits) or liquids derived from any other organic food source, such as meat and seafood (for example, oyster juice). Generally, the juice is used as a beverage or as a flavoring ingredient in other foods or drinks. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States (FAO), in 2002, the world produces 12.5 million tons of citrus fruit juice. The largest consumers of fruit juice are New Zealand (about one cup or three ounces a day) and Colombia (more than three-quarters of a cup a day). Fruit juice intake increases with the average income of a country.


The English word juice comes from the Old French word. Its main French word is “Jus”, “Juis”, “Jouis” which means “boiling herbs”. From the beginning of the 7th century, the word Juice began to be used to mean "liquid in fruit or vegetable. Since the word "Rosh" is using in Bengal was not known.


In the absence of heat application and solvent, the juice is made by crushing the fruits or vegetables mechanically. For example, orange juice is the fruit extract of an orange tree, tomato juice is a liquid extracted from the fruit of a tomato tree. Juices can be prepared from fruits or vegetables by hand or juice making the machine at home.

In the commercial field, the fibers are often separated from the juice. But on the other hand, more cored orange juice is a popular drink. Many times, excess sugar, artificial flavors and aromas are added to the juice. Among the many ways to preserve the juice are bottling, pasteurization, condensation, freezing etc.

Benefits of Fruit Juice:

Many of us prefer to drink fruit juices, not just fruits, but it is good to know how important fruit juice or juice is for our body. The following are some of the qualities of some familiar fruit juices -

Guava Juice:

Lowers cholesterol in the blood, also helps in lowering blood pressure, Helps to lose weight, Has Vitamin C, which Prevents Cold Cough, Guava juice is an adjuvant, which is beneficial for the body when drinking during diarrhea.

Mango Juice:

The body acts as a deterrent and cleanses the blood, Reduces body odor emitted from bacteria, Prevents colon cancer.

Avocado Juice:

Red Blood helps to create cells, prevents anemia or anemia. Avocado contains folic acid, which is useful for pregnant women's brain and spinal cord. It reduces harmful fats (LDL cholesterol) for the body and increases beneficial fat (HDL cholesterol).

Pomegranate Juice:

This drink contains vitamin A, C, E and folic acid, which are great for pregnant women. It contains antioxidants, which help reduce the amount of cholesterol that blocks the blood vessels. It prevents prostate cancer.

Tomato Juice:

Leopin contains tomatoes, which prevent prostate cancer. This is the ideal diet for those who want to control diet for weight loss. This drink helps to increase appetite for those who want to lose weight. It is helpful to recover old energy when recovering from illness. It also eliminates constipation.

Apple Juice:

Helps reduce cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and sugar levels. It reduces appetite, which helps reduce weight. Apple juice also helps to reduce headaches.

Strawberry Juice:

Strawberry juice helps in digesting. It regulates Cholesterol. It also relieves pain in the bone joints.

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