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Small Fitness & Workout Instruments at Cheap Price in Bangladesh 

Every person should be highly concerned about their fitness. Fitness is the primary requirement for a healthier and happier life. Exercises or workouts are helping us to maintain great fitness. For meeting out fitness & workout goals we must need the assistance of several large & small workout instruments. AjkerDeal has made it easier for you to find any fitness & workout products in Bangladesh.

Small instruments are those which can easily be carried and comes with smaller size relatively and do not need any special space to be installed. These instruments can be used instantly at any place. Without using these instruments your workout cycle may not be completed. Each of these instruments is required for very specific goals in the workout training.

Some Products That Are Available In AjkerDeal


Dumbbell is a well-known instrument for home and gym exercises. Dumbbells can serve a lot of fitness purposes. It generally provides several strength results. It also provides a lot of cardiorespiratory flexibility and fitness. Dumbbells are good for growing your muscle. For senior people, dumbbells are really effective means to enhance bone health. Buy a variety of dumbbell sets of different weights, dumbbells plate, and stick from and increase your workout efficiency.

Push Up bars

Perhaps push up is one of the easiest but effective exercise movements. It is an essential movement for your daily workout program as it offers good health, fitness, and bodybuilding benefits. It is a good cardiovascular exercise. It promotes human growth hormone (HGH) as it employs a good range of primary and secondary muscles. It can reduce osteoporosis development and enhance testosterone. One of the most important but ignored advantages that push-ups provide is the stretch it offers to your back muscles and biceps. Various push bars and total upper body workout can make it super easy for you to continue doing push-ups while getting awesome benefits. At AjkerDeal you can find reliable push up bars and upper body total workout bars with the best offers available.

Skipping Rope

It is beyond saying how important skipping rope exercise is. The first big non-physical benefits are it is super cheap, portable, and easy to use. We can term skipping rope exercise as a “calorie cooker”. There are very few workouts available that can burn calories like skipping rope exercise, so it is highly necessary to maintain a fatless body. It leaves little impact on your joints while offering you a great bone density. If you want to buy a variety of skipping ropes online in Bangladesh then AjkerDeal has the best deals for you.

3D Massager

The 3D massager is made of aluminum, stainless steel, ABS resin, and soft resin. It is set up with new kneading technology. It is about 155 mm long, 90 mm in width, and  53mm height. The microcurrent of this messagar is about 38µA and it weighs 168g.

Beauty Body Mobile Gym

This device works on EMS technology, which stimulates the muscles directly using electrical signals and helps to exercise.

The touch of this device is quite comfortable. It machine contains a beautiful gear. This pad is suitable for use on the hands and waist, body curves, and leg muscles. Using it will keep your health always fit. So come take this mobile gym to your home today.

Hand Grip

This gripper is used for gripping exercises. With regular use, it strengthens the fists, wrists, and arms. It has a comfortable rubber handle. It is also very useful to increase wrist power.

Foot Chest  Exercise Tool

It is a piece of good fitness equipment. Colors available- random. It can be used in home, gym, park, anywhere easily. It works to make a slender waist, for weight loss, and to make a thin abdomen. Its size is 52 x 28 cm.

Two Wheel Hand Pusher

It has two Braked AB wheels that you have to push to do exercise. It has dimensions of 26 x 7 cm and a diameter of 14.5 cm. It is made of plastic, metal, and rubber. Color Available - Black and Green.

West Twisting Disc

This disc is made of magnets and durable hard plastic. This disc is highly effective for waste twisting. It gives inner support to the muscles. It is easily portable. If you want, you can stand on it and exercise by twisting the body in different positions.

AjkerDeal knows how important this is for you to find your desired fitness & workout products and instruments online. You can also find a vast collection of other effective small instruments like chest expander which is required for triceps extensions and shoulder presses, Power twister which is awesome for building strength, Gym ball which is necessary for a powerful workout to improve muscle balance, posture and core stability, Hand Grip which offers better hand strength and improved dexterity, Yoga mat which can give you privatization of yoga space to do better yoga and exercise.

Just browse the fitness & workout category at to find your desired large workout instruments or protein & supplement. All the products come with superb quality as AjkerDeal does not compromise with quality and customer satisfaction. Order with home delivery and cash on delivery with a relevant replacement policy. You can also check out the treadmill price in Bangladesh at to get the best offer in the market.