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Buy Television on EMI Offer in Bangladesh: Ajkerdeal

On ajkerdeal you can now buy television on EMI offer in Bangladesh. Televisions are a very popular source of entertainment. It is not only for entertainment purpose it is also a great source of news and it is also considered as one of the greatest world media of current time.


Television is an electronic device that transmits moving image and sound. Televisions have been around for a very long time. The first ever live television transmission was demonstrated by Georges Rignoux and A. Fournier in Paris in 1909. It was nothing fancy like today's transmission but it was revolutionary. They transmitted some image of alphabet for several minutes. The resolution of the pictures was 8X8 pixel. In 1925 the first moving image was demonstrated for public by John Logie Baird. He used the radio waves to transmit moving images. From that day forth, television became very popular. On 3 July 1928 Baird transmitted the first color image on television. Previously only monochrome was possible but he was able to do it using three primary colors cells.

Evolution of Television:

From its first appearance television has gone through many changes. Technological change, change in design, change in size and more. Television has become a daily household item for every home. Previously the televisions were large and bulky in size because they used a Cathode Ray Tube or CRT for display. But after the development of liquid crystal display or as we all know it LCD, televisions started to become slim. People could fit three televisions in the place of one CRT television. The resolution of an LCD was more precise than CRT. So LCD television became the hot favorite. After ruling the television and monitor market LCD also become old when Light Emitting Diode or LED took over. It gave the television display more better resolution than any of the previous technology. So now most of the televisions are using the LED technology.

Smart Television:

Previously people had to watch only the program that was transmitted. Then more than one television channel came and people had the opportunity to watch any of them. Then VHS came. Where people could watch any pre-recorded program. After the development of portable storage, televisions start playing DVD using an external DVD player. During 2005 to 2010 television had USB port. So, people could watch programs or movies using a USB port. In 2010, a revolution began and smart TV was launched. Smart TV is a device that can do anything what an ordinary TV can do, and more. Smart television has a strong hardware. And the strong hardware supports a strong operating system. And the operating system makes it almost like a computer. It allows the viewer to browse the internet, use apps, stream programs online or watch YouTube. Smart televisions can be connected to the internet via WiFi. In modern television market smart televisions are taking over the market.

Buy Television on EMI on Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal has a large collection of latest and stylish televisions. From the huge collection you can choose one for you. To make it easier for you, ajkerdeal is offering you EMI offer on our television. There is curved television. Carved television is one of the most stylish televisions of modern time. The display of the television is curved so it gives you a fisheye display experience. The televisions have used LED technology for the display so the curve does not distort the picture quality or the color. You can also find flat televisions. Flat televisions are slim and flat. These televisions can be hung from your wall which gives you extra space in the room. You will also find android tv or smart TV. These smart televisions will make your living room smarter. You can set the television on your living room wall and connect it to the WiFi and you are good to go. Who would not want to turn their boring living room into a fun and smart room? All these dreams of yours can come true easily. And ajkerdeal has made the opportunity easier. You can buy your favorite television on EMI from ajkerdeal. So, go to and chose a television for you and place an order.