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Curved Televisions in Bangladesh |

This is needless of telling just how much we depend on televisions for our everyday entertainment needs. Our preferences for various tv types and manufacturers are also functional. In Bangladesh, the television has the center of people's home entertainment media. Nearly all the current versions from several international Television brands are presently offered in Bangladesh. Various TV trends like Smart TV, Portable TV, and Curved TV are now so popular in Bangladesh.

Now-a- days, worldwide, the trend of curved televisions is increasing among people and it's also becoming very popular in Bangladesh.

Curved TV was first introduced in 2013 in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). At that time Samsung and LG both claimed to launch the first curved TV. In September of the same year, Sony introduced the world’s first curved screen LED television, model KDL-65S990A.

Basically, curved televisions are capable of changing your viewing ability. Almost all the televisions of have got HDMI or USB ports attached with them. The resolutions of those televisions are also got variations among themselves. All these televisions have 1080p resolution. Almost all the curved television has got Dolby digital sound system; that is why along with the viewing experience your listening experience will also be superb. Some of these televisions have wi-fi option. Curved televisions are slim in their design and they have got built-in smart energy saving technology.

Some Great Features of Curved TVs:

Improved Immersion

This is the greatest advantages of curving Television display screens. The concept is that by curving the picture relatively onward, the realm you are viewing seems to 'twist around' you more, going into marginally a lot more into your field of vision and thus attracting you better into the arena you are witnessing.

Enhanced Deepness

One of the most typical responses from persons viewing a curved screen for the very first time is that it appears like 3D, also when the resource is simply 2D. This is due to the fact that curving the sides of the image in the direction of the audience improves the optical judgment of depth in what you are seeing.

Better Contrast

Curved screens focus the light coming from the screen more directly at your eyes – in much the same way satellite dishes strengthen signals by focusing them onto an LNB – and so can deliver between 1.5x and 1.8x higher contrast than flat screens.

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