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Speaker Price in Bangladesh | Looking For Best Deals on Speakers in BD?


It is really hard to find persons who do not like music in the whole world. Music is an inseparable part of our life. Every day almost all of us listen to music by several means. But music cannot make it appeal to us if we are unable to listen to it perfectly. Here comes the necessity of a good Speaker. Not for music but also for enjoying movies, pc games, sports, live shows and news we need a good quality speaker. Speaker is one of the most used electronics products around the world. We are a music loving nation, so speakers are hugely used here. Almost every house in Bangladesh may have a speaker at home.

Speakers usually used with computers, while capable of other audio uses such as mobile device or mp3 player. Speakers do need a constant power source and can be provided by an AC adapter, batteries or even with a USB port. Speakers have a wide range of price, quality, and features. According to use and connectivity the multimedia speakers, Bluetooth speakers, mini speaker, home theatre, USB speaker, Loud Speaker are popular types of speakers.

2:1 Multimedia Speaker

The term multimedia means a combination of movies, music, games, video songs, and other related programs. So a multimedia speaker is a speaker which is capable of rendering these combinations. In a broader sense “Multimedia Speaker” is a speaker that consist of bass, surround, tweeter and subwoofer. Creative, Microlab, Xtreme, Sony are popular multimedia speaker manufacturer. 2:1 Multimedia Speakers are most popular in our country.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth and wireless portable speakers are extremely popular nowadays because of ease of accessibility and portability. A Bluetooth speaker comes with built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity associated with a loudspeaker and amplifier. These speakers can easily be connected through Bluetooth with any smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets or iPods. Available in a variety of sizes and brands. Popular Bluetooth speaker brands are Bose, Awei, Remax etc.

USB Speaker

Another popular speaker is USB speaker. These wired portable speakers are dependent upon a USB connection from your desktop pc or laptop for supplying the audio to the listener. It is also powered by that same USB connection. Most speaker systems connect to a computer system's sound card through a 3.5mm audio jack.

Speaker Price in Bangladesh | Looking For Best Deals on Speakers in BD?

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