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Plumbing Service in Bangladesh

Plumbing is a system of conveying fluid for various applications and it includes pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids. You can now have a plumbing service in Bangladesh online from ajkerdeal. Plumbing is very important in today’s world. If you do not have a fluent plumbing system then you will have various sanitary problems such as overflow of the toilet, bad smell, water jam and more. So it is very important to keep the plumbing of your home on a constant eye. You can now have a plumbing service online from ajkerdeal. So visit the website of ajkerdeal and take a look at the details. Check our Daily service in BD 

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and here you will find all kinds of daily needed products as well as services. Ajkerdeal is the only website that offers various daily services under one umbrella. Plumbing service is one of the most important daily service. You must take care of your plumbing system and review it on a regular basis. Ajkerdeal is offering you the best plumbing service in the town. You can visit the website of ajkerdeal, check the details of the service and order the service. An expert plumber will knock on your door to perform full plumbing diagnosis. 

Plumbing Service on

There are various items in a plumbing system and every item should be checked properly these items can be divided into some sub-sections. On ajkerdeal, you will have a full system diagnosis. We have made a full list of what you will get and what are the important parts under plumbing. So take a look at the list and see which service you need. 

Bathroom Fixture:

Bathroom fixture includes all the components that are used in a bathroom such as toilet, toilet seat, bathroom fittings, and more. You have to use such a fixture which can be easily cleaned. The price of these fixtures depends on the size and color as well. The white colored fixtures are less expensive. And you are recommended to buy comparatively smaller fixtures because the larger takes more water and kills more space. There are several items such as bathtub, built-in bathtub, legged bathtub, shower, rain head, circular spray, and more. 

Lavatory Basin:

Lavatory means the big sized basin. There are three kinds of lavatory wall hanging, Pedestal and cabinet. The most commonly used hight is 31 inches but for larger families, it can be up to 34 inches.  


There are two kinds of commode in our country. The high commode and the low commode. It is completely a matter of personal preference which one you choose. But before choosing any one of them you should first read the instruction or you have to consult with an expert or it might not provide you the perfect service. 

Other Fittings:

Towel rod is an important thing in every bathroom or even dining room. The length of the towel rod should not be less than 21 inches and the height should be around 4-5 feet from the floor. Soap case is another important thing not only in the bathroom but also in the dining room.  

Ajkerdeal provides a full service of these plumbing services. You do not have to worry about these problems anymore. You can easily get the service by just ordering online. To order, visit the website of ajkerdeal and place an order now. We will send an expert to your address within just a couple of business days. Check for Cleaning service in BD