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Man is a social being. Man can not live alone in society. To survive in this society we need each other's help. We can not gain daily household needs on our own.  When one person or a group of people live under the same roof and share the same meal, that is called a house or home. Though it is a causal definition of household, there are some other definitions such as the definition of the government, definition of economy, definition of health and definition of society. For statistical purposes, there is a proper definition by the government of the United Kingdom, Quote “one person or a group of people who have the accommodation as their only or main residence and for a group, either share at least one meal a day or share the living accommodation, that is, a living room or sitting room” which means, one or more than one person has to live in one place and have to share one meal a day.

Though one income stream economic theory states that there will be only one earning person in a household but it is not always true. Maybe it was the case 80 to 100 years ago but in modern economy, there is multiple earning person in a family who are earning simultaneously.

To live with comfort and peace, there are some daily needs in every household. The needs can be categorized into two categories. First, one is daily needed products and the other one is daily needed services. You can find the products easily in physical shops even in online shops but the daily needed services are really hard to find sometimes. What are these daily needed services? They can be anything like cleaning, painting, rent a car, security, plumbing, interior design, plumbing and many more. But the good thing is, you can find your all daily services online in BD with ajkerdeal.

Cleaning Service:

To stay healthy, there is no other way than being clean. For being clean, there are many ways. There are personal cleaning, cloth cleaning, home cleaning services and many more. With ajkerdeal you can find the best cleaning service online in Bangladesh. We are offering you full house cleaning, where your full house will be covered, such as your floor, walls and furniture. And then there is sofa cleaning service. Where you can have the service to clean your sofa fully. We all know that who hard sofa cleaning can be. And if you are busy than it is almost impossible for you to do it all by yourself. With us, you can find the best sofa cleaning service in BD. Another hard and annoying cleaning is carpet cleaning. There is carpet in almost every modern household. But the problem is it gets dirty very easily and fast. It is hard and annoying for you to clean your carpet on a regular basis. So, you can order the carpet cleaning service online and the cleaners will be at your service. If you have light color tiles floor than the floor and the border of the tiles get dirty and turns into dark which is not so good to look at. So we have the best floor cleaning service online at an affordable price which you should try. And we can promise that you will not be disappointed. We are also offering chair cleaning service online with which you can have your chair cleaned without any hardship.

Rent a Car service:

Car nowadays is very important and useful vehicle. When you are going to a party with a good makeover, you do not want to stand on the road and keep looking for a taxi or CNG or rickshaw. You can easily rent a car online in BD and the car will pick you up from your home. Besides that, sometimes when you are going out or on a picnic with your full family if the family is larger than you might need a larger car as well. With ajkerdeal car rental service, you can easily rent a car of your preferred size. It is easy now with just a few clicks.

Catering Service BD:

Catering service is when you need a larger quantity of food than usual and someone is providing you with it. We often need such kind of service at a birthday party, gaye holud program, wedding or any party. The traditional way is that you will look for a cook, he will give you a list of materials that he might need, and you have to bring them. The cook will just prepare the meal. But with our catering service, you do not have to do anything rather than placing an order. With ajkerdeal you will find the best catering service in Bangladesh.

Shifting Service BD:

In the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong or Sylhet shifting is a nightmare. While shifting, you need lots of things such as boxes for packing, transportation, people to help and many more. There are many people who just get frightened when they hear about shifting. But not to worry anymore. Ajkerdeal is offering you with shifting service online in Bangladesh.

AC/ Computer service:

The computer is the most important thing in this modern time. We can not think a day without it. Desktop computers are one of the most important things in our daily life. But when it faces any problem we have to take the full box to a service center which is very painful. But you can order a home computer service in BD with ajker deal where a service man will come to your house and solve your problem. You do not have to carry the heavy box to a service center. AC is another important thing, especially during the hot summer days. But when the AC fails you are in big trouble. But now it is easy. From ajkerdeal you can find AC service in Bangladesh easily.

Other Services:

Besides all the above-mentioned services, there are some other services that ajkerdeal is offering you online. Such as, plumbing security pest control, interior designing etc.

To ease your day to day life we are the one who is offering you the best daily service online in Bangladesh within a short time and at the lowest price.