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This is our world of color. Just what in the world? Wherever the eyes go, we see a combination of different colors Each object has its own color The color of our two eyes is the color, even the imagination. Do you know what is color? Straight colors are the wavelengths of different shapes of light The sun is the source of all light, and almost three hundred years ago, people knew that the source of all the colors of the earth is under the sun's light. Everyone has different color choices. Some prefer red, some white. But do you know what goes with this color? Yes, the search for personality hides in color choice. Tell us what color choices you have and match them, whether your character matches. See what a person's mind is like if you like the color- 

Blue: Blue is the color of water. And water is essential in our lives. For those who prefer blue, they are usually very slow. It's nice to be with them. They are beautiful in nature.

Green: People who like green are very peaceful. They are very upbeat and enthusiastic.

Red: The color red is usually the color of love. So they are very bold and appealing when this color is dear. They are strong by nature. There is always a positive side to them.

Black: Usually when children mix all colors, it is black. So those who like this color either love all the colors or don't want any color at all. They are rebellious, have depth and are concerned about everything.

Orange: People who like this color usually love to talk, love to mix. They do not have privacy. They are in good health.

Purple: People who like this color are very unhappy in life. Always worried

Pink: People who love this color are very polite. They are very exuberant. Can do a lot more work.

Yellow: People who like this color are usually not shy in nature. Live in great joy Are friendly in nature.

White: It is generally said that if there is no color, it is white. But the white light is made by combining the seven colors of the rainbow. They are very weak-minded people and always want to catch on to others. They become very holy, believe in spirituality.

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Paint Somadhan:

Paint Somadhan is the Bangladeshi 360-degree service platform. Basically, they provide a professional trainer. They also provide all the necessary material and painting equipment to the customer. It gives smooth paint finishing. The color and quality of the paint can be selected by the customers. The minimum area of the paint will be 100 square ft. the price of paints depends on some factors. is providing you the service of Paint Somadhan. Go to the website of and enjoy the services you want. 

Hand Burnish/Spray Leckar: 

Hand Burnish/Spray Leckar is the service that provides spraying a mixture of floor finish and water on the scuffed floor or surface of furniture. Ajkerdeal provides you the service of hand brushing or sprays leckar. Go and grab the service.

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