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Newborn Baby’s Dress Collection in Bangladesh

Before the baby is born, there goes a festival of buying its clothes. However, many people go into the trap of buying small clothes, shoes, hats, and hand or foot socks. Clothes won't be big? Baby’s soft skin will not feel cramped? Will not buy button-down clothes or a neckband? Many such questions revolve around the parents. 

How to understand Baby’s size

Understanding the size of the baby is a big problem when buying clothes for a baby. If you go to buy foreign brand items, you will see that the size of the space is much higher. Three zeros mean, from a newborn to three months and again if you see the number of zeros being five, which means a very small baby.

However, buying big clothes for a baby is not a problem. Babies get so fast that today, the clothes that look like huge, two days apart, the button cannot be stopped.

However, it is important to keep clothes in mind when buying baby clothes. In hot and humid climates like Bangladesh, any clothes other than cotton can be difficult for the father, so consider buying clothes. 

Over Excitement is never good!

Reena, a three-month-old mother, said, "Don't get too excited and buy expensive clothes for a pile of money. My baby had a reflux problem, which means that after eating, he would vomit quite a bit. The rush hour was very short, an hour or so, and then you realize you have to change your clothes more than 3 times a day. "

So in fact, buying a lot of buttons or ribbons is not a profit, you will be bothered to change clothes over and over again. Think about it, whether fashion is useful or not. Be realistic and buy the basic necessities.


If the baby is born in winter then there is no profit to buy many winter clothes. Baby will grow up so fast that you will not get the chance to wear it all. And Baby's clothes are washed regularly. So without buying very expensive clothes, buy something that is comfortable to look at, and the baby will still be comfortable.

How to wash baby clothes:

The arrival of a new baby in the family is a joy. There is no end to the mother's caution in raising a young child since birth. A mother takes care of everything from the baby's sleep to eating and drinking.

Likewise, parents do not have to be careful about selecting everything used for the baby. Equally important is to keep the baby's belongings clean. Children's skin is flexible and sensitive. Therefore, as much importance should be given to their cosmetic use, the baby's clothes should be kept clean. So today, some things about baby laundry are discussed:

Wash before use:

Children's skin is much more flexible and thinner than normal. So they have to choose their clothes very carefully. It is a routine practice to use new clothes without washing them. In this regard, the general idea is, 'There can be no germs in the new cloth'. This is actually a big misconception. Because new clothing may contain traces of harmful chemicals. Which is detrimental to the health of the baby.

Moreover, since the new dress is purchased from outside, it may contain germs. So, before using, please wash the baby's clothes well. In addition, baby furniture should be washed before use.

Use neutral detergents for children:

Usually in our country, no separate detergent is used to wash baby clothes. Everyone in the family is washed with used detergents.

But health experts say, "If your baby's skin is not very sensitive or allergic, there is no need to use detergent." Consult a pediatrician if you need to use detergent.

Always read the care label:

Children's clothes are often soft, soft and thin. Carefully read the care label before washing them. In addition to following the laundry instructions, follow the instructions for drying and caring so that the clothes do not get damaged. Like everything else, the care label will give you a clear idea of ​​how to care for your baby girls's clothing.

Rules for lifting baby clothes:

It is normal for children to have scars. While doing sports, eating and so on, the clothes are spotted Usually, if you do not wash the stain immediately, it can be washed in dirty cloth. Which is a lot of trouble to pick up later? So be sure to remove as much stainless material as possible after staining.

  • To remove baby food stains, soak the cloth in clear water and then rinse with any stain removal material.
  • To remove the urine stain of children, apply 3 teaspoons of ammonia in a cup of water and place it on the spot.
  • To remove oil stains, first rinse only in lukewarm water If so, use soap.

Wash clothes and diapers separately:

Never wash clothes and diapers together. Because diapers contain many germs. So keep diapers separate from wet, dirty clothes to get rid of germs. It is the same thing to wash them all together in the washing machine and dirty good clothes. 

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