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The climate of Bangladesh is usually quite hot throughout the year, except for the winter season. So on these pretty hot days, the first thing to look out for is the comfort of the smallest member of a family- a baby. From food to clothing - everything is as comfortable as it can be. If heavier clothes are worn, soaking in sweat can make the child sick. Excessive heat may cause the baby to sweat. At this time, go for comfortable baby clothing. If worn, she will not easily sweat or rash on the body. The clothes should be changed a few times a day if possible.

The children are highly interested in the latest trends.For girls below the age of five, parents are more like party frocks. And children aged five to fifteen prefer long frocks, gowns, dividers, lehenga and salwar kameez.

The skin of the baby is very soft, so the use of cotton cloth has the advantage of wearing any garment. If the orange gown is semilong and the fabric will have flower net, solid net and satin.At the top will be Pearl's work and the entire flower net. There will be a belt with a belt at the waist. The lining will be covered with a lid on the bottom. The dress will look great and after wearing your little baby it will really look like a fairy. In addition, if the whole red red sleeveless long gown can be worked with gold plating, lace on top.

Naturally, the guardian must be careful in the selection of clothing. Various clothes for girls and girls have come to market today. As well as clothes have been added to the design. There is so much difference in the clothes of children that we are often surprised at what we see.

One such party dress is a baby gown, frock or western jewelry. You can understand - as you embrace it, the little girl in the groom will look just as beautiful as the princess. 

The color red is very noticeable to all children. With this thought in mind, what would happen if a long gown was made? The lower part of the gown will add extra value to the navy blue and the red part above the red will add extra value.You can make the bottom blue part of the hobby dress with flower net and curtain cloth. The chest is filled with emeralds and trickery. At the bottom of the gown will be a lining with cotton cloth, which will make this garment comfortable for children. 

The gown dress was just perfect for older people to wear before. But now parents are thinking about choosing children's clothing. As a kid, they grew up hearing less and more fairy tales, and this garment is gaining popularity with them. There is a list of kids to choose from now - the demand for this garment will gradually increase. As well as clothes not being comfortable at times - kids have different allergies. Therefore, children should be aware of the use of clothing.

Mother and daughter have been wearing sari for special festivals for years. In addition to the combination of white and red, other bright colors can be seen also. Nowadays almost all schools have a Baishakh ceremony. Many times the color and design of the sari is determined by the school.

Maintaining sarees are a problem for the little ones. But nowadays, readymade sarees are available to buy in the market. These gold stitched sarees can be worn as skirts. There is also a blouse piece available.

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