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Nakshi Baby Katha for New Born Babies in Bangladesh

The necessity of Nakshi Katha:

In the past, grandparents used to make stories about the arrival of new guests to the world. This trend has not faded at all. Soft Nakshi kathas are used to hold newborns and young children to bed and to rub or rub their bodies. Nakshi katha and sheets - both should be of soft cotton cloth.

Nakshi Katha is excellent for the baby's regular use. They are easy to use and washable. Nakshi Katha is generally made from cotton clothes. Design can be customized by choice. The design can be a baby’s name, flower, teddy or any scenario.

Taking Care of Newborn Baby:

The baby is in a warm environment in the womb of the mother, and after cooling, she becomes cold with the external environment. Therefore, the newborn baby needs to be kept warm after birth, it is necessary to wipe and dry with a soft cloth immediately after birth. Then the newborn baby should be kept in the mother's chest and skin-to-skin care should continue for at least 5 hours.

In addition to this, the head of the newborn baby should be covered so that it does not feel cold or heat is removed from the body. At this time, bathing a newborn baby may result in a cold or he may be infected with a cold disease (such as pneumonia). After bathing after birth, the baby's skin develops like a thin white cream. This thin white coating protects the baby from various diseases and helps keep the baby's body warm.

Due to the lack of sweat in the winter, the baby's urine is higher. For this, it is important to always keep in mind whether the newborn's Katha is wet or the baby's pants are wet. Many people after seeing more urine, reduce breast milk and liquid foods for the baby. This is a very serious step that should never be taken. It can damage the kidneys and other organs.

There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to child care. That is, the baby's skin cannot be allowed to dry. Baby oil or vaseline should be given two to three times a day. In the morning and evening wear a kanaka hat and light winter clothes. Diapers or kathas should be worn at night. The baby's nose and mouth should be careful not to cover with coating, blankets.

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