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Car or automobile is generally defined as an engine powered wheeled vehicle that are used to transport people rather than other things. It generally has four tires travels via road and can carry up to 8 to 12 people. Cars became popular right after it’s invention but from the 20th century, it became widely popular and started to contribute to the economy. In the year 1866 the modern car was invented by a Germen inventor named Karl Benz. One of the first cars that was available for the mass people, the 1906’s T model was manufactured by Ford Motor Company of America. Some of the key features of a car are, driving control, comfort, parking and various lights. But throughout the years, manufacturers have added more and more features to a car such as, ac, music system, power window etc.

A car is powered by an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) but from 2008 electric cars are getting popular. The European Environment Agency stated that the major contribution to the pollution of our environment is caused by motor car fuel. Motor cars are mostly powered by petrol that burns inside the ICE which produces a huge quantity of carbon dioxide gas which is causing the greenhouse effect. Many environmental organizations say that if cars that uses hydrocarbon fuels keep on running the climate will change dramatically and terribly. Some countries have already ban petrol cars and some are planning to do so. To avoid these problems, the car manufacturing companies have introduced a hybrid car. A hybrid car is powered by both, fossil fuel and plough-in electricity. It mainly runs on electricity but when the power is low, the car automatically switches to fuel. These hybrid cars have become popular since 2017. In 2018 2.1 million of these cars were sold throughout the globe.

Cars have a user control to be driven. It takes the combination of both hands and feet to drive a car. For 21st century cars, it takes voice as well. The control panel of a car has a keyhole, a steering wheel, shifter, handbrake, brake pedal and gas pedal. The key ignites the internal combustion engine and the cars start. The shifter shifts gear. The gas pedal power-ups the wheel. The steering wheel steers the car and the handbrake and brake pedal stops the car.

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Recondition cars:

Ajkerdeal provides you the best deal on recondition cars. All cars are in good shape, clean finishing and in good condition. You can find cars of Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu. Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturing companies of the world. It is a Japanies company and we all know that Japan is the second largest car manufacturing country in the world. In these cars you will get air conditioner, airbag, power windows, auto and manual transmission, fm radio, DVD player, comfortable seat, retract mirror and attractive color.

Honda is another car manufacturing company of japan that produced motor bikes, cars and other. You will get smart key, tire repair kit, climate control, LED Headlights, full leather interior. You can now buy recondition cars online in BD easily.

Spare Parts:

Those who have a car are always tensed about spare parts of the car. There are some parts that regularly should be checked and replaced if needed. With you can have the opportunity to buy car parts online in Bangladesh. In ajkerdeal you can find spark plug. Spark plug maybe is the most frequently needed parts. Now you don't have to look for a garage in case of emergency. You can buy spark plug online in BD easily and keep them as backup. Another most important part is the bearing. It used to hold the wheel with the car. In case of flat tires, or old wheels you might need to change your bearing before it leads to an you can buy bearing online in BD from us. There are other important parts that you can buy from ajkerdeal. Such as, ac filter, car battery, air lifter, side mirror, brake pads and more.

Oil and Lubricant:

Engine oil and lubricant are the daily need for a car owner. The engine oil/ lubricant keeps the engine lubricated so that friction does not spoil the engine. There are a lot of brands that you can find on ajkerdeal. Bizol, Mobil, Lub King, Mag, Super Silk and more. You can now easily buy engine oil online in BD from anywhere in the country. Besides engine oil, we also have car wax polish, lubricant for the shifter, oil filter and more.


Tyre is the most important part of a car. A good tire with a good grip can save you from deadly crashes. From us you can buy Dunlop tyres in BD. and this tyre has a good grip even on a wet road.

Car Perfume:

If you are using ac in your car and you don’t like the smell of petrol or gas trapped inside your car than you must have car perfume. Now you can buy car perfume online in Bangladesh easily. You can have a car ac air freshener and refile both on ajkerdeal.

Car Accessories:

Car accessories are the things that you can use for or with your cars. Such as, car cleaning kits, tire repair kits, scratch remover pen, water spray gun, Bluetooth music player, floor mats, car covers, car stickers, steering wheel cover, steering wheel lock, car charger, rear view lcd monitor and many other things. Now you can buy car accessories at the best price by only a few clicks.