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Engine Oil Price in Bangladesh | Buy Engine Oil at the Best Price

Motor oil doesn't make a difference on the off chance that it is a bike engine or car engine, Serves numerous reasons and goes about as a vital piece of the Engine. Following are the main reasons behind the purpose of Engine Oil


A vital reason for motor oil is to grease up motor parts so friction and wear are diminished. Grease between two moving surfaces results from oil flow that develops to isolate the surface and support the load. The oil framework must give a nonstop stream of oil to all the motor heading and other greased up surfaces so the oil film on every part is kept up to limit wear. The right oil thickness is likewise fundamental for decreasing grinding.


The greasing up oil diverts warm from the part which is greased up. The oil comes back to the oil skillet. A few motors join outside oil coolers to aid oil cooling in the oil skillet. It is important to keep the oil temperature underneath the blaze purpose of the oil. Motor oil should likewise have a high warmth opposition so carbon arrangement because of separate is kept to a base.


The motor oil has a capacity to clean all the motor parts, which are in contact with it. Added substances in the motor oil assist the oil with performing its cleaning task. Carbon development is cleaned from the cylinders and rings by motor oil. Likewise other motor segments, for example, valve stems, valve lifters, rocker arms, and camshafts are additionally cleaned.


The motor oil encourages the piston rings to shape a tight seal between the rings and chamber dividers. The motor oil sticks to the metal surfaces and opposes the tendency of burning chamber gases to "pass up" the cylinder rings.

The oil film likewise gives grease between the rings and the cylinder ring grooves along these lines enabling the rings to move openly and hence to have consistent contact between the rings and chamber dividers. Oil between the motor parts pads the parts from the stun as the burning run after powers the cylinder. With the added substances the oil has the capacity to limit scraping, diminish rusting, oppose oxidation, and keep up the oil's consistency attributes. On the off chance that the oil is too thin it quickly spills from the clearances, accordingly enabling the parts to come in contact, bringing about the scoring of the parts. At the point when the thickness is too expansive, the oil requires the intemperate capacity to defeat haul between the rubbing surfaces.

The reason for the oil of motor, to sum things up are :

  1. It lessens friction and forestalls metal-to-metal contact between the working parts of the motor.
  2. It diverts a lot of warmth from the underside of the piston crowns, the valve stems and interfacing bar fundamental orientation.
  3. It frames a fixing medium between the cylinder rings and the chamber dividers forestalling the loss of pressure.
  4. It secures working surface against erosion.
  5. It expels abrasive and carbonaceous stores of the working surface.
  6. It pads the parts against effect and vibration.
  7. It decreases activity commotion. provides the wide range of oil & lubricants products online.  Here you can buy all kinds of lubricants online like engine oil, industrial oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil for your automobiles.

There is engine oil for new generation cars and automobiles.  They help to run the engine smoothly. They are suitable for all types of brands and models of automobiles. They also provide excellent oxidation stability, excellent protection against corrosion, good shear stability and compatible with all types of sealing materials.

There contain the high level of detergent and dispersant additives for cleaning engines. They can prevent the formation of adhesions, varnish, carbon deposits, and sludge accumulations. They also ensure exceptional engine reliability & extended oil life.

There is multi-purpose gear oil containing extreme pressure additives for moderate service conditions. They are ideal for excellent thermal and chemical stability protection against rust and corrosion. Ensure longer and trouble-free protection with gear oil for your vehicle.

Lubricants are used for minimizing friction, especially in an engine or component. Use the best quality lubricants for your vehicle. There are 4 stroke motor oils which are ideal to use in the engine that support 20-40 watt.

The anti-freeze coolant oil is a new generation coolant designed to cool the engine and protects engines under high-temperature conditions. There contain anti-freeze and anti-corrosion for bikes cooling. They are ideal to use with all motorcycles and bikes. Shop from online for the best quality anti-freeze coolant oil.

There is power steering oil which provides good anti-wear protection to critical parts resulting in smooth, chatter-free and clutch engagement. The enhanced low-temperature fluidity assists in good cold start performance. Buy power steering oil from

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