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Buy Speedometer at a Low Price in Bangladesh

The speedometer is a kind of tool used for measuring and displaying the speed of a vehicle. It works really well when values for the performances are known and you have a set of qualitative parameters predefined for the purpose. The speedometer is an instrument that indicates the speed of a vehicle. It is usually combined with a device known as an odometer. The function of the odometer is to measure distance traveled. The mechanism of speed-indicating of the speedometer is operated by a permanent magnet which is circular that is rotated 1,000 revolutions per mile of vehicle traveled by a flexible shaft. The shaft is driven by gears at the rears of the transmission.

There is a movable metal cup which is made of a light non-magnetic metal through which the magnet turns. The metal cup is attached to the shaft carrying the indicating pointer. A circular stationary field plate completes the magnetic circuit surrounded by the movable cup. For magnetic rotation, it exerts a magnetic drag on the movable cup. It tends to turn it against the restraint of a spiral spring. The faster magnet rotates, the greater its pull on the cup and the pointer. It has speed indicating dial that is measured either mile per hour or kilometer per hour or in certain models. In certain vehicles, the speedometer is increased by a device that can be coupled to the throttle of the engine so that it can maintain the vehicle at a measured speed. is the biggest online shop in Bangladesh. It has the best quality products. It delivers the product to the clients as fast as possible. It delivers a product like clothes, mobile, electronics, home appliance, and many more. You can get different types of speedometer which you desire. Have a look at the website and get a discount on amazing products.      

Bicycle Speed Meter:

Bicycle Speed Meter is a waterproof and wireless device. It has a bike computer and odometer with multi-function display. The large LED display guarantees that you can read your statistics from the bicycle speedometer easily. It has an auto wake-up function. It is a built-in ball switch that is automatically turned on from sleeping mode when sensing the vibration after shocking the bike computer body. It is easier to operate than a conventional bike odometer. It is easy to follow instructions and has great basic functions of the speedometer and very specific tire size that enable accurate calculations. Its small size and lightweight design make the bicycle odometer more convenient and durable. It works well to measure speed, distance, and riding time. It is especially suitable for cycling or fitness enthusiasts. Buy this speedometer for you bicycle at the best price from and enjoy your shopping. also, check for Bike Helmet Price in BD.



West Biking Wireless Digital Speedometer:

West Biking Wireless Digital Speedometer is an LCD display biking computer. For a cyclist,  a stopwatch has a great effect. Firstly it is like the speed of the bicycle in time to allow the rider to control and distribute energy. Secondly, it shows the total mileage, which provides the basis for the riders to complete the given plan and judge the direction. It shows the time and allows the riders to schedule breaks at any time. It supports five language systems- English, French, Dutch, Deutsch, Espanol. It is no longer a problem to deal with non-native language of the operating instructions. The 2 inch LED screen on the bicycle odometer introduces a digital screen with no relative blind spots. It is lightweight and easy to use. Buy it from and enjoy your shopping. 


Odometer Speedometer For Bicycle:

Odometer Speedometer For Bicycle contains all your favorite stats. It displays current, speed, total distance, trip distance, elapsed time, calories, pace arrow, and clock as well. Your bike computer knows when you have stopped and automatically stops counting time and average speed. If you are looking for this speedometer for your bike, then without any delay garb it now. But at this time where are you going to buy? The biggest online shop offers you these products at the best price and the fastest delivery. Shop Now!!!


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