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Horn for Bike Online in Bangladesh

The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Very busy city. Busy civic life. With the busyness, the amount of vehicles is increasing day by day. And the most irritating sound of horn. The excessive sound of the horn causes sound pollution. Sound pollution refers to the possibility of hearing loss due to the creation of a sound that exceeds the audible limit of a human or an animal. Traffic, such an intense noise that produces pollution from the factory. Humans usually do not hear more or less the sound of 20-25,000 hertz. So for people, pollution is actually more intense within this range than by noise. 

The human ear is sensitive enough to any sound. So intense sound pushes the screen very loudly, which can also ruin the ear screen. For children, harmful effects can be far-reaching. Children have different hearing problems at an older age for greater variations of words. 

Due to noise pollution causes problems in both hearing and human health as well as hearing loss. Unnecessary and extra words can severely impair a person's physical and mental activity. Noise pollution can cause other harmful and adverse reactions including anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, tinnitus, loss of hearing, sleep disturbances. Also, other physical reactions can result in loss of memory, mental exhaustion, etc.

But in Bangladesh, the horn is an important device for safety as well. It can be equipped with buses, trucks, bikes, cycles, trains, trams and other types of vehicles. In spite of having most of the disadvantages, it is necessary. There are different types of horn device available at and these are-

  • Digital magic 18 Horn
  • 2 in 1 Bicycle Horn
  • Electric Bicycle Horn
  • Rechargeable USB Bicycle Light With Horn

And many others are available. 

Digital Magic 18 Horn:

Looking for a stylish and technological horn for your vehicle like cars, bikes, bicycles? No more worries. Digital Magic 18 Horn is here to solve your problem. It is an electric chip computer powered horn. It has a MOCC horn with 18 sound tunes for all auto cars and bikes. Even in the harsh environment, it can keep a loud voice continues to beep up to 1 minute. It has a high-quality sonorant diaphragm. It has adopt membrane filter technology with waterproof and propulsive gas. Its unique adherent is protected with craftwork. It has anti-weather material interference. It has strong anti-corrosion. It is strong sound-oriented and waterproof. Even in the narrow space, it is installed. The biggest online shop in Bangladesh is providing Digital Magic 18 Horn at the best price. Because of high-end product and high-quality service is customers first priority. Shop NOW!!!   

Electric Bicycle Horn:

Electric Bicycle Horn is a USB rechargeable device. It is a waterproof, anti-dust mini size horn. It has a loud siren that draws the attention of people on the street. It can keep your kids away from danger by warning or noticing others. It is easy to be fixed on the bikes and universally fit for most of the bikes as well. It is portable, compact and easy to install. Now it is available in Bangladesh at the cheapest price. Buy this electric horn from the largest online shop in Bangladesh with the fastest delivery and 100% genuine product guarantee. Grab it NOW!!! Hurry up.  

2 in 1 Bicycle Horn:

2 in 1 Bicycle Horn is a super rechargeable waterproof light and horn. It is a newly designed superbike bright front light with horn, allowing you to light up the night, easily warn pedestrians and vehicles around you. It makes your riding safer and more at ease. It has an automatic power-off function. It is durable and can save money. It has a lithium-polymer battery that can complete 2.5 hours. Do not worry about the headlight damage due to charge for too long time. It has an adjustable multi-mode system. It is small, lightweight and easy to carry. No need to be concerned about the bike lights will be damaged by the rain. It is easy to install and remove as well. It only needs less than 1 minute to be installed. Buy your product at with a 100% product guarantee. Enjoy your shopping. 

Rechargeable USB Light With Horn:

Rechargeable USB Light With Horn is a fine bike light front bicycle horn. It is so bright! It has three light modes- high light, strobe mode, and low light. So that you can see clearly no matter on an urban road or on a dark lonely country road. It is excellent to keep you safe at night. This horn is designed with a divide trigger, for convenience to use. The bike horn trigger sits under the rider’s thumb, so it is there when you need it. The sound tone ranges between 100-120 Db. someone can be heard about 20 meters away. It is double protective. If you are looking for this amazing product, then go to the website of and buy it as a very reasonable price. Because can give you the original product at the best price. Grab it NOW!!! 

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