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Baby Bib

৳ 150/-

Baby Moon Walk

৳ 499/-

Baby Katha

৳ 220/-

Baby rocking chair

৳ 5,980/-

baby career bag

৳ 1,950/-

Baby Thermometer

৳ 1,800/-

Baby Moon Walk

৳ 599/-

Hand made katha

৳ 750/-

Baby Cap Towel

৳ 450/-

Baby Nima

৳ 250/-

Kids Bed Bell

৳ 1,490/-

Kids Bed Bell

৳ 1,980/-

Relax Baby Chair

৳ 3,200/-

Kids Sleeping bag

৳ 1,000/-

Hanger Rack

৳ 650/-

Baby Blanket

৳ 1,250/-

Baby cap towels

৳ 490/-

Baby cap towels

৳ 680/-

Baby blanket

৳ 699/-

Baby T-shirt

৳ 280/-

Baby Romper

৳ 450/-

New Born Baby Products in Bangladesh is your one-stop online store for providing all the essential products for your new-born for their first use. All types of baby products for your new born are available at

Bring the amazing baby bed with mosquito net and pillow for your little one. They are ideal for a comfortable sleep of your baby. It also allows fresh air to breeze in while blocks out insects and mosquitoes. There are also musical baby weight scales which come with contoured design and are comfortable for baby lying or sitting. They also provide accurate weight measurement.

We also provide waterproof nappies which are made from high quality material. They help to keep your baby fresh for long hours.There are also baby gift set for gift the new members of your family. There are baby rocking chairs for your infant which comes with safety bar to keep your baby safe from falling off. They are also made of high quality material to provide maximum comfort and joyful sitting for your baby.

There are also baskets for keeping baby clothes. They are also easy to carry anywhere. We also provide baby urine alarm which comes with alarm mode, high sensitivity and accuracy and operates with pencil battery. They are also easy and safe to use. Our baby blankets are made with soft touch feather. They are also easy to clean. There are baby nima set which comes with various pieces and colors also. They are also made with cotton material for your baby’s daily use.

Besides, there is also baby mattress, ‘Baby on Board’ car sticker, baby cloth hanger, baby bath tub, baby shower hat, baby carrier bag/trolley, baby trimmer and many more for  your little ones need.

Pamper your little one with the best quality baby care products from