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Xiaomi Mi 6, what’s not to like? Mi 6 has a speedy processor just like Samsung Galaxy S8 with a beautiful design which is in its own class. It comes with a dual camera which takes portraits like iPhone 7 Plus. You will get Android with some Apple features but costs lot less than your traditional flagship phone. Xiaomi Mi 6 is a compact Android phone offering plenty of power and quality display and the price is even lower than Oneplus 5. You will get the best for your money.

Xiaomi Mi6 Design & Specification:

Xiaomi Mi 6 is an innovative design firstly seen on Mi 5 phone last year. This phone is amazingly designed and it’s a pleasure to hold the phone. The combination of small display and curved display this is the perfect choice for a phone if you want to use one-handed. Considering the price this phone is well built. There will be no plastic seen on the phone but this phone picks up scratches like no other phone. Overall a good looking smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack as the company said that in order to fit in a bigger battery they have a space issue that’s why they have omitted the headphone jack.

This phone has a 5.15 inch LCD panel which is superb in quality and has a good quality brightness reaching 600 nits but also does very well in the dark. 1080p is the perfect choice for display and it’s impossible to spot any pixel. This phone really has an excellent battery life.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Performance:

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC this phone is a powerhouse. It is 6GB is Ram with 64GB or 128GB availability option. The phone runs very smoothly and you will not face any lag or slowdown. Adreno 540 GPU handles each and every Android game very smoothly. There is a lot of things about this phone to like about but MIUI changes too much of Android operating system. You will not feel like you are using Google’s OS.

Xiaomi Mi6 Camera Performance:

Last year’s Xiaomi Mi 5 was very good but lacks in the camera department. But in the Mi 6, they have improved their camera performance by a big margin. Both the sensors on the Mi 6 are 12MP. The secondary lens is used for telephoto zoom. The main one has f/1.8 and the second one has a f/2.6 aperture. At this price point, this is absolutely a stunning camera I must say.

If you are looking for a budget phone and happy to sacrifice few functionalities then Xiaomi Mi 6 is the perfect choice for you. This is a fast phone, lovely screen but lack of headphone jack and lack of some LTE bands. This phone is packed with high-end features and very powerful device which is capable of running anything you through at it.

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