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Ladies Shrug and Cape Online In Bangladesh

A shrug is worn to make a dress more glamorous and unique. The shrug is almost looked like a blouse that can be teamed up with a sleeveless top or an off-shoulder gown or skirt.

A few years ago, the purpose of winter clothing was only to reduce cold. But now It's not like that anymore. Now the winter is being eliminated, as well as the importance of the fashion side. Wearing a shrug with Western clothing is nice, as well as an Indo-Western fusion that looks great with a combination of a shrug.

During this time of winter, the trend of buying clothes for the winter is keeping up with the fashion and trend. The humid fog and the wind blowing in the evening, people now want to combine winter with fashion. AjkerDeal brings winter shrug, cape, to winter fashion every time.

Usefulness Of Shrug

The use of shrugs is not only beautiful but for those who have a small amount of fat, they can easily cover excess body fat, and for those who are very skinny, it is very useful to have a little weight. Many people like to read off-the-shoulder clothing or tube top, but don't wear comforts like this on the road or on the bus, so take a shrug when getting out of the house, will find a lot of comforts.

This dress can be worn on trousers, skirts or on any wardrobe. Carrying properly brings another dimension to the person. Not only young people but also middle-aged women can use it with saree or Kurti. The shrug is not just a fashionwear but a symbol of aristocracy. If one puts a shrug on clothing, the fashion statement will be created and the hands will be protected from the sun. It can be used even if it is a little cold.

Materials Of Shrug

Shrugs are made of various materials such as linen cloth, lace, crochet knit shrug as well as denim shrug, silk or satin shrug now. Designer shrugs have an application of cutwork design and even work of heavy brocade.


The cape that is worn with a sleeveless long skirt over a saree or kameez-kurta. Most of the cape is made of georgette or net cloth. 

Long Shrug

Ladies are wearing shorts, sleeveless tops or long shrugs on any kind of Fatua. Among them, the design was different from the clothing. The long shrugs on the net were almost all in one color. Light work has also been seen in the tops or georgette fabrics. All of them, however, had belts or ribbons on the back, front or sides of the canvas. Some are completely open with the front again. In front of many, a whole or a few buttons were put in front. 

Stylish Koti

With kameez, kurtas, and Fatuas, stylish Koti can be easily worn. With the evolution of time, many changes can be seen in cuttings and colors. Now Koti is made with darker colored cloth. The trend of wearing Koti with saree has also been a very good response in this year's fashion.

Ladies Poncho

Poncho is a western dress that is now very popular in our country.  

For several years, punch made in the shawl has become popular as a winter dress. This is a garment that will cover the whole body during the winter. Again, it can be opened and folded at any time during the day. Poncho is quite open, five corners of cloth. Cutting the neck is sometimes round, sometimes triangular, sometimes or square, there are many more cuts. Many punch shoulders have two pieces of cloth on either side, which can be twisted like a muffler. Although it is similar to a shawl, it can be worn as a top.

Buttons or sleeves can be worn by hanging in equal sizes from the shoulders to the sides. Usually, only the neck part of the insert is sewn around. The bottom side is open like a shawl. Many are putting buttons on the front or side instead of sewing. Again, by keeping the front open, a big stoned brooch can be attached to the poncho.

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