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There are many names and perfumes now in Dhaka market for Ladies. They include Blue Lady Perfume, Fogg Paradise Deo, Fag Napoleon Deo (For Women), Curement Lemis Pink Heaven Deo, Charlie Red Revlon Perfume, Victoria Secret Gorgias 4 Piece Gift Set, Flora Gorgias Garciaia 3 Piece Gift Set, Kenzo Flower 3 Piece Gift Set, Calvin Klein Cc One Shock Ladies Perfume. You can buy these perfumes online at Ajkerdeal.

In Many of us are also there, who cannot pass the time without perfumes. The Mughal kings liked the perfume very much. Everybody Perfume or body spray in every occasion including Eid.  The Egyptians first introduced it to the extract of Latvala. Even From animal fat or oats did they make perfume. Latin word perfume means smoke.

Queen Ceba used fragrance in addition to religious ceremonies. Greece is trafficking tricks from Persia, from Alexander to Persia. Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth found the Arab Perfume hands. That was also called Ataar. It is said that Ibn Sina created the first fragrance from the rose. Artificial fragrance started in the late nineteenth century.

Towards The 'British Essence' that the British had brought in this country is the artificial fragrance. Many of the modern aromatic industries occupy the French. In the south of France, there is a huge assortment of fragrant cloves. In the ninth century, a book on Arab chemist Al Kinnas Perfume was revealed. The book's name is 'Book of the Chemistry of Perfumes and Distillation’. It is believed that this book is the first book on perfumes. In the twelfth century, aromas were bottled and marketed. Perfumes are of two types - one is suitable for use in the body, the other to cloths. Both cleans sweat.

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