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Buy Ladies Hijab Cap Online In Bangladesh at Cheap Price

Basically, We are looking for a Traditional sari, Modern & Western design dress or Kurti but a Muslim religious person maintains some regulation of covering their head, body up to the wrist and doesn’t even wear skintight accessories. 

So, Muslim women mostly always used burkha, scarf, and hijab. For this reason, the Ajkerdeal website provides the best, a colorful, stylish and exclusive scarf as well as Hijab Cap for women in Bangladesh.  


Hijab Cap Is Part Of The Hijab

We know that Hijab is an important portion of Muslim fashion wear, in the Arabic meaning of Hijab is refers to the barrier or partition. A Hijab is a fundamental of modesty that includes behaviours as well as dress for both males and females.

Muslim Women are covering the head by the Hijab it also called a Headscarf. But a piece of hijab cap also a part of modern women fashion accessories. In present, Muslim women wear a hijab cap under the hijab. Hijab cap sometimes refers to the under scarf which specially used to keep the hair away from the face.      


Types Of Hijab Cap Or Underscarf

Underscarf or Hijab cap is known by the various name of inner cap, under the hijab, bonnets, bonnet cap, bonnet hat, headband, bandana, tie back cap, turban, kylie band etc. 


Nowadays, Hijab Cap is accessible in various colors, materials, types, and shapes which actually help the females to wear types of hijabs and maintain the hijab style without troubling. There is a classification of Hijab Cap or Hijab Scarf sizes and designs. Such as-

  • Inner Hijab Cap
  • Lace Underscarf
  • Tie Back Bonnet Hijab Cap
  • Bonnet Hijab Cap 
  • Tube Underscarf
  • Hijab Cap with Bun
  • Headband Bonnet Hijab Cap
  • Full Underscarf
  • Ninja Inner Hijab Cap



If you want any diversified fashion wear collection then let's have a look at Our Ajkerdeal website to find various categories of Women’s fashion wear accessories. 

Buy Hijab Cap Or Underscarf From Ajkerdeal Website

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online sites in Bangladesh where our customers will discover all diversified category products collection. If You are looking for a window shop for personal needs products as well as a variety of Borka, Hijab & Scarfs then browse our site. 


Inner Cap With Belt 

The inner cap is made with a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, soft jersey type fabric, net, polyester, lightweight chiffon, etc. We offer our customer Net Fabric made inner cap with various color that helps to choose according to your taste.


Tube Underscarf 


Tube Underscarf is a tie bonnet type Hijab cap especially made either stretch cotton or polyester. This Hijab cap is not slippery under the hijab and securing your most coverage. 


Hijab Cap With Bun 

Now, A Hijab Cap or under scarf comes within many different shapes, some of them even with lace, crystals, tie back and bun style. Hijab Cap with a bun is another type of hijab you will cover your head as simply you can. 

Due to the huge selection of under scarves and Hijab Cap, you can easily choose the most comfortable one for yourself from our Ajkerdeal site. 


Chunri Printed Inner Cap 

You can easily choose for yourself the most comfortable inner cap or under scarf from our site. We offer you a Chunri Printed Inner Cap that looks unique as well as comfortable to wear under the Hijab. 

You can also find this Original Indian made silk fabrics of Chunri printed inner cap with various colors of red, pink, black, blue and so on.   


Inner Scarf with Tie

Underscarf and inner cap made with comfortable material and colors help you to match the color with the hijab that you are wearing also  Inner Hijab cap with tie added the fashion of your hijab look. Our site gives you the best inner hijab cap with Tie, so browse our site and get the suitable Inner Hijab Cap or Under scarf.